Saturday , May 28 2022

Most Popular Indoor Modern Planters

If you are looking for ways to spice up your home décor and add some nice changes to your interior, look no further than indoor planters. Naturally, rarely does anyone first consider planters when trying to get a living room makeover for instance, but you will find the right type of planter can significantly amplify the style of your home. There are many studies and research done to prove the effects of plants on a person’s well-being so this is your chance to spend more time in the lovely company of plants and have your garden right next to you. When it comes to choosing the ones for you, it could be just about anything depending on your preferences, but here are a few types that are making their way as the more popular ones.

Home Indoor Modern Planters

Probably the greatest invention there is, is the self-watering planter. These indoor modern planters are the latest trend that is here to stay as the most convenient design ever. Their built-in watering system consists of a reservoir where water is stored and there is a clip-on dripping tray to allow water to drain. A platform is separating the plant from the reservoir and remaining water that drained from the soil is contained for later use. If your worry is not knowing when to put enough water in the storage, there is a level indicator showing the remaining amount of water. Such indoor modern planters with their minimalist sleek design are ideal for both indoor and outdoor gardens since they are made from resistant materials. You can use them for planting all sorts of flowers and herbs, including vegetables which also makes them perfect as a kitchen accessory.

For the more artistic styles you may be up for the DIY option where you can play with colours and shapes. Among other popular modern planters are all kinds of planters with unusual geometric shapes. Some seem like they have come from a different time frame, while others have a vintage look. It all on your taste to choose the perfect home for the plants. You can use your imagination to create a hanging garden for example and use the ceiling or a specific wall as the base.

Lately, more attention is given to nature so more modern designs are made of natural materials. You are likely to find indoor planters made of glass, metal and wood, as well as something you might not have thought of as indoor material decoration: concrete. You will be surprised how well the delicate structure of the plants fits in a rough concrete planter.

Whichever your taste, you are sure to add some modern features in your living nest with these planters, however we might as well guess the self-watering one will turn out to be your first choice since you never have to worry about watering them again, just make sure you talk to your plants from time to time.