Saturday , May 28 2022

Von Zipper Lenses Replacement: Keep Your Glasses Looking Like New

Buying new sunglasses is a great pleasure but also a necessity. Your eyes are fragile, no matter if you think that you can endure the harsh sun rays during the summer when you’re at the beach, or in winter when skiing. If your choice is a pair of quality sunglasses like Von Zipper, you probably think that you made a lifetime investment. And you’re right. However, after a while, the lenses can get damaged. And even if they seem fine, the UV filter might be weakened, so you will have to change your Von Zipper sunglass lenses for them to protect your eyes optimally.

Do You Need to Replace Your Lenses?

You can have the most expensive and best-looking sunglasses, but after a while, their lenses will have to be replaced. Why is this necessary if your glasses aren’t scratched, broken or damaged? No matter how good care you take of your glasses, after a couple of years, the UV radiation will slowly weaken the filter, which will decrease the level of protection they provide.

You might not be able to see the tiny scratches and you might think that your glasses are good as new. However, the small and almost invisible scratches are like a web that are destroying the dye and pigment that can’t absorb the radiation. Even frequent wearing of your sunnies will lead to reduced eye protection.

How Often Should You Replace Them?

von_zipperWhen it comes to replacing Von Zipper lenses, you will have to do this process every 2 years. If you wear your sunglasses often, the UVA and UVB filter will become less effective and can damage your eyes making you more exposed to eye cancer, cataracts, pterygia, etc.

Eye damages don’t necessarily happen during summer only, they can occur during winter as well when the snow reflects the sunlight. The same happens when you’re near water since water reflects sun rays. The more water or snow there is around you and less ground (to absorb the sunlight), the more radiation will reflect towards your eyes and face.

What to Do If You Need Lenses Replacement?

Your Von Zipper lenses will need to be replaced once you notice they are damaged. Be sure to check the qualifiers of the lenses (their size). Check the Von Zipper website and see if they offer lens replacement for your exact model. Then, check the identity number of the frame to know what exactly you need. Some frames have several sizes.

Types & Materials of Von Zipper Lenses

von_zipperVon Zipper has a plethora of lens tints that will keep your eyes protected from the UV rays and glare, but will also match your style preferences.

  • Grey Lenses – This is a popular choice and is designed to protect your eyes against the bright sun.
  • Bronze Lenses – These lenses have a rich visual acuity that will protect your eyes in bright light. They’re designed to add depth and detail to everything you see and are an appealing choice for clarity and sharpness.
  • Polycarbonate – These lenses are distortion-free and are scratch-resistant. The high UV400 protection will keep your eyes safe in every weather. They come in grey, bronze, fashion gradients and chrome coatings.
  • Polarized – Von Zipper has glass and polycarbonate polarised lenses. Glass models offer six layers of the top level of optical technology so you can see the world how it is. Polarised models has three layers of lenses that include a polarizing filter, with the best visual phenomenon optical properties. This model offers exceptional glare reduction and clarity.
  • CR-39 – These lenses provide UV400 protection and excellent scratch and impact resistance.


  • Nylon Grilamid – These frames are produced from tempered steel moulds and are flexible in all temperatures. The great thing is that they’re shatter-resistant and have a high memory to keep the frame’s shape and fit.
  • Metal Alloy – The metal alloy construction is strong, durable and lightweight. These frames are hand-fastened and fitted with stainless steel, silicone nose pads, multi-barrel hinges, and adjustable temples for a custom fit.
  • Hand Tooled Acetate – These frames are handmade. The manufacturer uses a milled laminated acetate sheet that is perfectly shaped and formed.
  • Nickel Silver Hinge – Nickel frames are made with quality, triple barrel nickel silver hinges that is durable and strong.