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Dog Doors: Give Your Pet the Freedom He Deserves

Dogs were sent to Earth to make human life more fulfilled. Your furry friend is your best friend that will never turn his back on you. He loves you endlessly, and you are his entire word, which is why you need to do everything in your power to make sure he lives a long and happy life. Besides the basic needs, like food and water, your dog deserves much more in return for the love and affection he gives you every day.

That being said, among all the different supplies required for welcoming a new puppy, dog doors are one extremely convenient solution.

A dog door is a perfect way to give your dog access to your garden, without having to play a doorman every time your fluffy friend needs to go outside. A high-quality, safe dog door leading into the yard might be a great addition to any home. The modern dog doors are nothing like those from the past. They come in a variety of sizes, small enough for a cat or large enough for a great cane Corso. This pet-friendly product comes with a lot of benefits that you and your dog are going to love.

Are Dog Doors Good for Dogs?

Small dog infrond dog door


There are many people who report being initially hesitant when it comes to getting a dog bed and say they’ve realised the benefits later on… Well, the same goes for doors which also come with various perks.


The biggest advantage that comes with installing a dog door is the freedom it provides for your dog. If you leave your dog alone at home while you’re at work, it can’t go out to do his business, and not to mention what a bored dog can do to an empty house. Having a door for dogs means that he can go out in the garden for potty or exercise. It gives you more freedom too. Pet safe and practical dog doors allow your dog to go out anytime he wants, without you having to stop whatever you’re doing to let him out.


Retaining from urinating for longer periods is not safe for any dog since it can lead to urinary tract infections. Installing a dog door allows your dog access to go outside and relieve himself when the urge arises, thus preventing the risk of this condition. Also, exploring the outdoors can keep your dog mentally stimulated and alert.


Dog doors can do a lot in protecting your furry friend if an emergency occurs and you’re not home. As much as you don’t want to think that can happen, a fire occurring at home can be a very bad situation for your dog. If you have a dog door installed, at least he would be able to escape if the worst-case scenario occurs. Sometimes, owners to neglect and forget their dogs outside, and this can be unfortunate for your dog, especially in winter. The doors for dogs can save your dog from this type of situations since he’ll be able to come inside at will.

Factors to Consider

Installation Location

They can be installed at any door or window. These tiny getaways are extremely popular, especially among owners of small breed dogs that can be left alone both at home and in the garden. There’re special models designed for glass panels and patio sliding doors, and separate ones to fit panels of wood, metal and PVC constructions. Garage doors or screen doors are usually the most common choices, while windows are preferable for observers dogs, that like to observe and go out occasionally.


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Some doors are best suited for small breeds like a French bulldog, chihuahua, pomeranian or poodle, while others fit large breeds such as a husky, malamute, collie or retriever. It’s important to measure your dog’s width and height to make sure he can comfortably walk in and out.

Safety & Security

Whichever dog door you choose, make sure it’s safe, especially if you have a toddler or other small pets. You can opt for a door that comes with a weather seal flap to reduce draughts. Some doors feature up to a four-way manual locking dial to allow the owners flexibility with the pet movements.


The pet door you choose for your dog has to be made from a strong and durable material to make sure that your dog won’t damage it. This feature is especially important if your dog is a dedicated chewer or scratcher.

How Do I Train My Dog to Use a Doggy Door?

How do I train my dog to use a doggy door


Some dogs love the using these doors, while others need a little training and encouragement. It might be a good idea to recruit a friend or a family member to stand on the opposite side of the door, luring him with a tasty treat. You can open the flap with your hand, so your pet sees it’s possible to step through. Small dogs can also be physically lifted and put through the opening. However, if your dog fights the door, give him some time and don’t force it. New things can be stressful for some dogs, and they might need some time to adjust.