Wednesday , August 4 2021

Beach Time: Things I Can’t do Without when Having Fun in the Sun

Not all of us are great fans of summer, but when it comes to using the opportunity of plenty of sun at the beach, few of us can resist.

Some of us like spending as much time as possible working on the tan others would be envious about, others prefer cutting down on the extra weight by swimming, and then there are those of us right in the middle, who like a bit of both, plus a dash of fun.

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Fun can be different things for different people, but for me it always starts with my favourite songs, so one of the gadgets I simply can’t do without when heading to the beach is the wireless speaker. Yes, beach time should be tech-free, and it is so most of the time, however I only make the exception with a few gadgets, starting from this one!

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Since it’s a moist area, my primary decisive aspect was the waterproof property. Stereo input, wireless range, and power were the remaining considerations, and after some searching, I knew the compact Braven 105 was the wireless speaker for me. It even makes it into my bathroom from time to time, when it’s shower time and I’m not in the mood for a capella.

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The next gadget is of course the underwater camera. I’m not that much of a fan of diving, yet when it comes to exploring more of the colourful world underwater, I dive in just to take a few shots and if I find something I haven’t seen before, I immediately look it up on the internet when back home, just to be sure on its name when I tell friends or post it on Instagram.

Okay, this one isn’t that much of a gadget per se, but it’s definitely one of those just-in-case necessities: a torch light. Whether you decide to stay up late at the beach or venture through the depths of your bag in search of the sunscreen, the truth is you would find the torch light useful. I know I do!

As much as I love the beach, I have a love-hate relationship with sand. On the one hand I don’t enjoy rocky beaches, on the other hand I don’t like sand sticking to my body either, and I had been dealing with this inconvenience long enough only to find baby powder as my saviour. Apply it after tanning and you’re safe.

torch light

One last thing is the spray sunscreen. Going to the beach on your own to meditate and enjoy your own company is great itself until you get to the sunscreen applying on your back part. I’ve heard of the folding back applicator but so far have done fine with spraying.