Thursday , April 18 2024

Footwear Trends: Must-Have Sneakers for Women

All women love high heels and the boost in self-confidence that comes with them. However, if there is one footwear type that has made a major comeback, it’s sneakers. Today, even the keenest kitten-heel lover has become a sneaker devotee. If you believe in functionality, then you know that not only do sneakers go with any outfit , but they are also the comfiest kind of footwear that you will ever wear.

Once reserved only for athletes, sports shoes have gone a long way – from fitness footwear to year-round style staples. The good news is, there are five must-have sneaker styles that every woman will benefit from owning.

Classic Leather Sneakers

picture of black and white Classic Leather Sneakers for women

source: Errant Official 🇩🇰 on Unsplash

A classic leather sneaker is the one style that’s a must-have in every men, women and child’s closet, whether you like to dress casually or not. When it comes to the classics, you can choose from heritage sports brands to trendy designer offerings. Many brands keep their traditional womens sneakers designs with the leather upper and athletics perforations at the midfoot. Soft leather upper provides breathability and comfort for your feet, while specially-designed foam lining and heel cushioning alleviate pressure on the skin.

You can choose a model that is orthopedically-friendly, meaning that the footbed will provide the needed heel and arch support. These trainers, particularly in all-white color, are an effortless addition to any footwear collection. White leather women’s sneakers are the most versatile among all because they always look polished. You can easily pair them with dresses and jeans alike, and they are your go-to shoe of the summer.

When styled with monochromatic outfits, classic leather sneakers can easily create an effortless, high-fashion look. Some other models come with a feminine update. They have a slightly elevated platform midsole and a slimmer silhouette compared to classic models. Platforms are a great way to add a little height without all the fuss that comes with wearing a typical heel.

Low-Top Sneakers

picture of women with silver low top sneakers, white pants and grey sweater, sitting on the ground


The low-top sneaker is another closet staple – their ankle-skimming shape looks awesome in combination with jeans, calf-glazing skirts and dresses. Converse, Nike, Reebok, Fila, Adidas – the list goes on when it comes to famous footwear brands and their low-top models. The main draw of this model is that they allow you better mobility and feel very light on your feet.

It always helps to have a pair you can spend a whole day in and not get tired. In case you’re loyal to certain iconic footwear giant, or you prefer designer labels that are also in the low-top game, make sure you have space in your closet for a pair of low-top sneakers. Made of canvas, upper or any other material, you’ll surely be able to wear these ladies sneakers in the summer months and beyond.

High-Top Sneakers

picture of women wearing black high top  sneakers on the street


High-top sneakers for women are cool, laid-back look models with a bit of extra material that goes up to your ankle and protects your foot. In addition, they offer more weather protection and look great with jeans. Classic high-top Converse might be the first pair that pops up in your mind, but there are many other brands that you can go for. High-tops also come in different styles, colors and materials – giving you a durable and noticeable footwear option.

Mixed Material Sneakers

picture of girl on the grass wearing pink mixed material sneakers

Barbora Polednová on Unsplash

The all-time popular sneaker style, this model is made of different materials like leather, velvet, mesh  and others. This tasteful off-kilter trend comes with different color combinations like white, beige, burgundy and turquoise and can be worn with various outfits. You can go for a slightly darker look with panels of black and orange with green sections for a more fall season look. Picking a pair of mixed material sneakers will add an eye-catching moment to any of your outfits.

Air Bubble Sneakers

picture of  a  girl on the street wearing jeans and white with pink and blue air bubble sneakers

source: Grailify on Unsplash

Nike’s Air Max are certainly unparalleled when it comes to sneakers with visible air bubbles. Released in the late 1980s, Nike manufactures this model to this day. Air bubble sneakers are very popular ever since their emergence. Many other footwear brands also use this air-cushioning technology in designing their models. Air bubble sneakers for ladies come in almost any color combination you could possibly think of, though retro red white and blue pairs are in high demand right now. They can look both retro and chic, depending on how you style them.