Thursday , April 18 2024

Why Do I Need A Meditation Pillow

If you are seriously considering meditation, you definitely need to buy a meditation pillow. Why?, you may ask. It is simple, just like with any type of exercise and practice, meditation also requires the right tools to ensure a successful session. While you can meditate sitting on the floor, because our bodies are not flat, you will not get proper support. This can lead to discomfort in the legs, spine, hips, shoulders and neck. Meditation pillows are specifically designed to offer the right support and can improve your posture as well as provide greater comfort needed during meditation.

Since there are so many different styles of meditation pillows available on the market, from square, round to rectangular, to choose the right meditation pillow, you need to base your research on a few criteria such as comfort, posture, right alignment and the look of the meditation pillow.


Regardless of the meditation posture (seiza, shavasana, half-lotus), proper alignment, a firm foundation and comfort are extremely important as these will allow you to focus on the mind and not get distracted by physical discomfort. When you start a meditation practice, take a few minutes to find out which areas of your body need additional adjustment or support.


You may choose to use more than one posture for your meditation such as the cross-legged for your morning meditation session and lying for your before-bed meditation session. Whichever postures you prefer, your ability to practice different positions largely depends on the flexibility of your knees, ankles and hips. Hence the reason to use a meditation pillow – to get the extra support to ensure comfort and proper alignment.

Proper Alignment

A firm foundation is vital as it helps you maintain proper alignment which will naturally support your body thus reduce stress on the spine and ensure comfort. While some meditation pillows are designed to raise the hips and upper body, others come with unique shapes that help ensure proper alignment and greater comfort. Consider your needs in order to find the model that best suits your meditation needs.

The Design

As mentioned above, meditation pillows come in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes and many different styles; it is important you learn more about each design to find the one that best suits you. Keep in mind the height of the pillow; if the fabric is soft yet durable and how it will support your body. Colour is also an important feature to consider since it can affect your overall mood and energy in different ways.

  • Green – calmness and balance; encourage slow, deep breathing;
  • Blue – calming colour that helps relax;
  • Violet – restore balance;
  • Red – elevates energy;
  • Orange – induces healing both mentally and physically;
  • Yellow – lifts the mood and clears the mind;
  • Black – induces deep inward and discipline.