Thursday , July 18 2024

Shopping for Girl Tops: The Different Fabrics Explained

Dressing a little girl is one of the most exciting things for all mums. The sole idea that you have the chance to dress her in countless cute outfits is just exciting and heart-warming at the same time.

However, you shouldn’t put style and aesthetics before your girl’s comfort, and this mainly goes for the tops’ material. Nowadays there’s an unlimited choice for girls tops as manufacturers have the freedom to use a large selection of materials. That said, it’s your job as a mom to invest in both cute and comfortable tops that won’t make your little girl uncomfortable wearing them.

The Comfiest Materials for Girls’ Tops


girl wearing a cute outfit and taking photos with balloons


Cotton is one of the oldest and most commonly used types of fabric for clothes. It’s a natural material that is durable and sustainable which makes it one of the best materials for the purpose. The cotton girl tops on the market are soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic, perfect to be worn by kids of all ages.

This material will cause no irritation, redness or itchiness on your girl’s skin, and will help her feel comfortable all the time. Cotton is breathable and also happens to absorb moisture. It’s perfect to be worn year-round so it isn’t strange that most short and long-sleeved girl tops are made from it.

Being hypoallergenic means that it won’t cause any allergies or other irritations on the skin which makes it the perfect choice for girls with sensitive skin. It’s easy to clean, maintain and wash, and you really won’t need to worry about any stains remaining on it since they can be easily removed with most stain cleaners.

Even if you have white tops, you can still remove any kind of stain from it. This material can be used for both casual and dressier tops which makes it perfect for functional and fashionable purposes.


Linen is another natural type of fabric that is perfect for children’s clothing. It has similar properties to cotton like moisture absorption, durability, comfiness and incredible breathability. Being a natural fabric and causing no skin irritations makes linen another great choice for designing girls’ shirts, t-shirts and blouses. This material is extra durable and it has some sun-protecting properties as well which makes it the ideal choice for summer clothing.

The only downside of linen (in a way) is that it creases. Wrinkles on linen tops are an inevitable thing, so if wrinkles on clothes are something that bothers you a lot, it would be best if you opt for a cotton top instead.


If comfort is the most important thing for you and not the fabric’s origin and manufacture, then you can also invest in tops made from polyester. This is a man-made/synthetic material that is known for its durability. It’s extremely strong, resistant to wrinkles, durable, easy to care and lightweight, just perfect for any kind of top for your girl.

This material also has moisture-wicking properties meaning that the skin of your girl will be dry even when sweating. The only but greatest downside of this fabric is that it can cause allergic reactions to your girl’s skin in the form of redness and itchiness. So if your girl’s skin is quite delicate and sensitive, polyester might not be the best option for her.

Cotton-Polyester Combo

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As the name suggests, this fabric is a combination of cotton and polyester. It has the characteristics of both which makes it one-of-a-kind. All tops made from this fabric come in vivid colours, and they’re wrinkle-free, lightweight and extremely easy to care for. However, practice shows that this material combo may be weak and may fray, so be sure to take into account all the pros and cons before making the right fabric choice.


Jersey is a lightweight and knitted type of fabric that’s stretchable. There are many types of jersey fabrics, however, the one made from cotton is thin, lightweight, and extremely comfortable and soft. It’s breathable and easy to wear, so your little girl would probably feel comfortable wearing her tops made from jersey.

As you can see, there are many comfortable fabrics but you should choose the one that offers the most quality in terms of comfort and durability. The choice of tops for girls is huge which gives you the chance to pick just the right model.

The best thing of all is that you can combine different tops with different bottoms from skirts and jeans to pants and trousers. In case you need some inspiration about dressing your girl, just go online and browse through the many little fashionista profiles. You’ll certainly find at least one profile that you’ll start to follow for some amazing outfit ideas.