Wednesday , August 4 2021

5 Snowboarding Essentials for Women

The cold season is slowly approaching, and many of us are already starting to plan our winter holiday. From spending time with our family or friends to travelling somewhere with our loved one – we all prefer different ways to get through the cold and snowy time of the year. But when it comes to making the most of what winter has to offer, sports like snowboarding is an option a lot of people choose.

If you plan to finally try snowboarding this winter, then you should know that a lot of preparations need to be done before you throw yourself into a snowy adventure. Before you walk into your local sport equipment shops or search for snowboarding gear online, have in mind the following pieces of equipment that will give you the safety and amusement you seek.

Start With a Good Pair of Snowboarding Pants

Women's snowboard pants


To build the perfect snowboarding suit, you’ll need to get a good pair of womens snowboard pants. They’re important because they protect you from the cold and prevent your legs from getting all wet from the snow, while you’re ruling the world with your snowboard.

There are a few things you should consider when looking for women’s snowboarding pants. First of all, the pants should be comfy and offer you a seamless experience while maneuvering with your snowboard. For this purpose, make sure you choose pants that are made only from high-quality materials and perfectly fit your size.

When it comes to comfort, different people have different levels of cold-weather tolerance. If you’re the type of person who can’t tolerate the cold, make sure you get insulated snowboarding pants. The insulation in most cases is made from fleece, or some types of synthetics, like Primaloft, for example. Some pants even have specific areas of insulation to keep specific parts of your body warmer.

If you want something more lightweight, or you don’t mind the coldness much, make sure you go for shell pants. Have in mind that this type of pants are not the most ideal solution for extremely cold weather, because they are not insulated, and you will have to wear more layers of clothes below the pants to keep you warm. However, they are great for protecting you from the wind.

Regardless of the type of pants you choose, you also want to make sure that they are waterproof, and made only from breathable fabrics. Falls aren’t unusual when snowboarding, and when that happens, the water seeping through your pants can be an extremely frustrating thing. To avoid such unpleasant events, always choose pants that are made from Hyvent, Gore-Tex, DryRide, or other similar fabrics. These materials contain pores that are larger than a molecule of sweat, but smaller than a molecule of water, and that gives them the ability to let the sweat escape, and prevent the water from penetrating into the fabric at the same time. And moreover, they make for a nice pair of breathable, waterproof pants.

The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice your preferences and compensate for your style when choosing the right womens snowboarding pants. If you want pants that will provide you with extra coverage, or simply seem more stylish to you, you can always choose snowboarding pants with bibs. If you prefer the option without bibs, there are a lot of high-waisted, or slim-fit options with crotch venting, or built-in belt you can choose from.

Knowing all of this, and all the options you have, don’t waste time, and order yourself a pair of extra womens snowboard pants for the best snowboarding experience ever!

You Will Also Need a Good Snowboarding Jacket

Women's snowboard jacket


Same like the snowboarding pants, you should never compensate for the quality of your snowboarding jacket. As much as it has to be comfy, you should always aim for a jacket that is water and windproof, and made from some of the breathable materials we mentioned before. Also, don’t forget to consider your cold-weather tolerance and layering preferences when you choose between insulated or shell jacket.

Aside from all these important things we learned about the fabrics for snowboarding suits, there are also some must-have features that seem small, but play a big role when it comes to choosing a snowboarding jacket. Example for such a feature is a front zipper cover, or also known as a storm flap that covers the zipper and prevents the wind and moisture penetrate inside. Another good example is attached, or detachable hood on the jacket, electronics and goggles pockets, etc.

Protect Your Feet With a Pair of Snowboarding Boots

Women's snowboarding boots


In addition to the right pair of ladies winter boots for the long walks in the snow, don’t forget to get yourself a pair of snowboarding boots that’s an essential part of your gear. Always look for a pair that will give you the best performance on the snowboard, and provide you with extra security and board control while riding.

If you’re a beginner, or you want to get more flexibility for your feet, you should go with a pair of soft snowboarding boots. These types of boots are made of less complex materials, like leather for example, and give your ankles the best flexibility and protection while you do your best tricks on the board. On the other hand, stiff boots are made for more advanced snowboarders, because they respond quickly to every little movement you make, and that’s why they are not recommended for beginners.

At the same time, you also want to get the option that has the proper insulation to keep your feet warm, and protect them from the outside influences while you beat the records on the snowboard.

Stay Safe with a Snowboarding Helmet

Women's snowboarding helmet


Regardless of what winter activity we’re talking about, safety always comes first, especially if you’re a beginner, and you’re struggling with maintaining the control on your board. Even if that’s not the case, always make sure that you wear a helmet and protect your head from the unpredicted and unwanted falls while you snowboard.

The snowboarding helmet is made of 2 parts- shell, the outer layer of the helmet with the purpose to protect your head from sharp objects, knocks and abrasions, and the inner liner, typically made from expanded polystyrene, which is designed to absorb and compress while having a hard fall.

Except for the safety purposes, which are the main reason why you should wear a helmet, there are luckily some helmets that provide you with extended features, such as vents, camera mount, built-in speakers, goggles compatibility and many more features…

Don’t Forget the Snowboard

Women's snowboard


Having all this gear won’t make any sense if you arrive at the mountain, and remember that you forgot your snowboard at home. Even though almost every resort offers you the ability to rent one, you might want to have the one that’s the right fit for you.

Snowboarding became one of the most popular winter sports today, and by that, the snowboards changed and developed in a way to support women’s bodies over the years. Since an average woman has less body mass, and smaller feet than an average man, the companies today tend to produce women’s snowboards with narrower waist widths, thinner profiles and softer flexes.

However, you should always go for the option that fits the size of your feet, and the type of board that you consider the easiest for controlling.

Other Things You Might Want to Pack

Women's gloves and goggles


There are some things you will also need, like for example, bindings that will complete your snowboard. If you’re a beginner, you should also consider getting additional safety equipment, like wrist guards, or lightweight hip pads under your pants, that will give you the extra safety while you take turns, or try new tricks.

Also sure you provide yourself with snowboarding socks and gloves to keep your hands and feet warm. This list won’t be complete without a pair of snowboarding goggles, to protect your eyes from the snow flying against your face while you ride.

When you make sure you have provided everything on the list, you’re all set to go riding, and have the best snowboarding experience!