Wednesday , June 29 2022

Where and How High Should Your Pendant Light Fittings Be

Pendant light fixtures are one of the most sought-after lightning choices due to the range of rooms they can be used in. Understanding a few basic aspects can be very helpful not only when picking a fixture for a specific room, but also when determining how high the light fittings should be. Here are some interesting ways to use pendant light fittings and a few tips to help you get started.

Over a Table

According to experts, the right height to hang a pendant light above a table is 70cm to 80cm. However, the fixture can be hung a little bit lower or higher depending on your preferences, ceiling height and fixture size. Decide whether you want the fixture to provide task or ambient light, or maybe both, and choose a fixture that can meet the lighting needs of the place where you will hang it. For example, a large drum pendant hung over a table, if placed on a dimmer, can give brighter light for tasks done at the table as well as a softer light while dining. Hanging more than one fixture above a long table can be an effective way not only to light up the whole table properly, but it will also contribute to a more pleasant ambiance.

In the Hallway

When hung in an entryway, a pendant light can add a lot of beauty and drama, casting shadows while offering light at the same time. Light fittings in spaces with tall ceilings should not be so high as they will cause your pendant fixture to be outside the sight line while standing in the room. For a more classic look, try hanging a few fixtures that look alike down the length of a hall. You should leave at least 2.40 meters of clearance above the floor and doors that will extend under the fixture when opened.

On a Stairway

Hanging a pendant light on a stairway can be a great way to add an interesting element to the area while obtaining lighting. The secret here is to leave enough clearance while ranging the fixture, so a person can walk down or up the stairs without hitting their head. Experts recommend at least 45cm to 60 cm of clearance between the bottom of the fixture and the height of the tallest person in the house.

In the Middle of a Room

Whenever there is a piece of furniture placed in the middle of a room, like a coffee table, a pendant light fixture can be hung lower just above it for the ultimate dramatic effect.