Saturday , May 28 2022

Growing Plants from Seed Is a Great Way to Create Your Own Edible Garden

My latest obsession is creating a small edible garden in the free space I have just behind my kitchen door that connects the cooking space with the outdoors. It’s been standing empty and purposeless for days, and since I hate going to the grocery store every second day for fresh veggies and fruits, I decided to take matters into my own hands and bring the fresh vegetables and spices in my home! I already have the self-watering planters ready for planting and now all I need is to start planting.

When it comes to planting plants for creating your own small garden in your home, there are two options you can go with: getting already grown plants and just placing them in your planter boxes, or buying your own seeds and start planting from scratch: seeding, watering, nourishing and patiently waiting. Now, I know that for most people starting from scratch is a real torture, but for people who are willing to focus their energy towards being productive and taking care of something so delicate as a plant, seeding is the right thing.

As an in-home housewife I decided I was going to create a new task for myself that will fulfill my time at home and give me an opportunity to learn a thing or two on plants and seeds. Before I started with my seeding adventure, I did a small research on the matter: seeding an edible garden is actually a much better option that buying an already grown plant.

Edible Garden

The Palette of Seeds Is a Lot Larger Than the One of Grown Plants

You can get whichever seeds you want: red carrots, cabbage, purple tomatoes, purple carrots and all kinds of other interesting options. Grown plants in plant nurseries are limited to only a few examples and definitely don’t give you the pleasure of growing them yourself. Plus, when you start with the seeding, you will get to decide what kinds of growing products you will use: the soil, the fertilizers, and the frequency of watering.

It Costs a Lot Less to Start with Seeds Than with Grown Plants

Seeds cost a lot less, obviously. Plus, you can get a number of plants from a single package of seeds. For my edible garden, I bought a package of basil seeds for $5 and after I plant them I expect to have a few healthy and fully grown basil plants which I’ll use to create a cooking spice later. If I had to buy a grown basil plant, I’d probably would’ve paid about $2-3 per plant.

Finally, No Dependence on Anyone When It Comes to Growing Your Own Garden

Seeding gives a certain freedom in taking care of your garden. You don’t need to wait for anyone to grow you the plants you want, and if you do it on your own, you’ll be able to have control over the entire process. Also, by getting and seeding heirloom varieties, you get to save a good amount of seeds for the next harvest, which gives you even greater freedom.

So, to conclude the post, I’d recommend to everyone who has enough free time on their hands to consider the idea of creating their own small garden with various plants. Not just that you will spend your time productively, you’ll also enjoy the benefit of eating fresh and completely organic fruits and veggies.