Saturday , May 18 2024

What You Need To Know About the Ipl Skin Rejuvenation

When it comes to our skin and especially our face, we want them to look absolutely flawless. Women of all ages are trying to hide freckles and acne with make up, treat them with creams and masks yet sometimes everything seems like a total waste of time and money. And it’s not just women, men also take care of their skin even though they don’t show it as much as women do. But thanks to all the great doctors and beauty warriors out there, today we have countless of treatments that are doing their best to make us feel happy in our own skin. One of the most popular and most effective treatments is the Ipl skin rejuvenation procedure that is also known as non-surgical laser skin rejuvenation. It’s probably the safest and almost painless procedure that will treat all kinds of redness, pigmented brown spots and sun damage.

The IPL or the Intense Pulsed Light technology is based on the same principle as laser technology. The main difference is that it emits a broad spectrum of pulsed light as to reach more layers of the skin simultaneously thus improving the color, quality, texture and the health of your skin. You’ll be scheduled a few treatments, depending on your individual needs and each treatment will normally last about 30 minutes. The Ipl skin rejuvenation procedure comes with minimal discomfort and it’s very probable you’ll experience redness and swelling after the treatment, but all of that will disappear shortly. Once these side effects go away, your skin will turn to its natural color and you’ll notice that it looks shinier, smoother and definitely healthier.

The most amazing benefit from the Ipl skin rejuvenation procedure is that it’s a legitimate long-lasting solution which made it the most desired skin treatment among women and men all over the world. It’s an especially great way to combat the effects of aging and achieve a natural and youthful appearance. However, you should know that the Ipl skin rejuvenation procedure is not only intended to make your face look beautiful, which means it can be utilized anywhere on the body.


Ipl is perfect for younger patients who are starting to notice early pigmentation, an uneven tone or minor wrinkling, however before every treatment, you should get an appointment with a doctor and see what they will tell you. The diagnosis from the doctor will be essential if you decide to take the Ipl rejuvenation step. Your dermatologist will tell you how many treatments you will need, what will happen to your skin and what you should and shouldn’t do before and after the treatment.

Before you book your Ipl session make sure you don’t have a tan, not even a fake one because that will mess with the machine’s ability to target the brown pigment and you won’t get the desired results. This means you should stay out of the sun as much as you can during your Ipl sessions and always use a spf 30+ sunblock. For twenty four hours after each treatment you should avoid hot showers, baths and anything that generates heat on your skin. Instead use some cold, cooling packs and natural aloe vera creams to ease the temporary discomfort. A great advice is to combine your treatments with high skincare regime filled with vitamin A, C, E and Zinc. If you are ready to look young and flawless, visit a dermatologist, schedule your first Ipl skin rejuvenation treatment and don’t feel bad about spoiling yourself. We all deserve it sometimes.