Saturday , May 28 2022

Camera Accessories That Don’t Break the Bank, but Add Convenience

Many photographers buy a DSLR camera they think will be good enough for their photography goals and literally cannot wait to equip it with all sort of accessories to upgrade its function. Nevertheless, a lot of them make many rushed decisions and end up on a spending spree without even knowing what they’re getting and whether those accessories will be a suitable addition for their camera tool kit.

In order to avoid this, I created a list of what, in my opinion, are the most essential camera accessories and tools a photographer needs to buy. Most of the items on the list won’t enhance the photographing process itself, but they will certainly make it much more convenient, thus, you’ll be way less frustrated in certain situations.

Camera Bags

First on the list, of course, is the camera bag. Owning a camera bag will protect the rest of your accessories from damaging, and that’s a good enough reason for it to be on the very top of the must-buy list. It is a great way to carry heavy kits over long distances or uneven terrain as the compartments inside it will protect your items from bumping into each other. There are many types and designs of bags available on today’s market and what you choose will mainly depend on your personal preferences. Decide upfront whether you want an over-the-shoulder type of bag, a backpack or anything in between and look for something like that.

Extra Batteries

There’s nothing more frustrating than your DSLR shutting down because its batteries are empty. This is why extra batteries are second on the list of things that make photography more convenient. You certainly don’t want to experience the worst case scenario of being on a safari, seeing some cool animals you want to take a snap of and your batteries dying out right before you’re even able to take the photo. The extra batteries can be either rechargeable or disposable and which ones you decide to go with will depend on how often you use your camera. If you’re a frequent user and take pictures of everything around you – you’re better off buying rechargeable ones.

Extra SSD Card

Okay, I might have been wrong about nothing being more frustrating than empty batteries. Having your SSD card full and having to delete pictures and videos you so love just to make space for more photos is indefinitely more frustrating. Make sure to carry an extra SSD card with you so you are able to take as much as photos as you want.

All of the camera accessories and tools I mentioned above won’t break your bank and you’ll definitely be enjoying your safari without having to worry about your camera shutting off, or your SSD card being full because you took a long video of zebras running around while being chased by ferocious lions. Better safe than sorry!