Monday , May 20 2024

What Makes Fender Flares a Smart Investment

One of the most sought-after truck and SUV accessories in Australia are fender flares. These parts are an extension of your vehicle, and they fit directly over your wheel well and match the same body lines as your SUV or truck. Fender flares are available in a wide array of colours, styles and textures to match the look you’re going after. This is an incredibly functional and aesthetically pleasing accessory, and is oftentimes legally required in many states if you sport large tyres.

One of the best things about fender flares, is that they’re manufactured to fit a specific truck model and make. For instance, Nissan Patrol fender flares perfectly fit a Nissan Patrol. Some Nissan Patrol fender flares fit a specific year, while others are universal and fit multiple models. This makes buying them easy and convenient. But why should you buy fender flares?

Fender flares provide a lot of benefits, but they’re most often purchased for one of the following four reasons: to add style, abide by the laws for large tyres, to replace damaged stock fender flares, or to hide and prevent body damage and rust around the wheel well. So regardless what the reason is for your purchase, you will typically stumble upon a few different styles of fender flares.

OE Style Fender Flares

These are generally purchased by people who want to give their truck an improved stock look, or to hide small amounts of body damage and rust. OE fender flares are typically not made by the dealer, but are instead designed to reflect an off-the-lot style. Some OE fender flares will require you to do some drilling as they don’t use the same factory holes.

Street Style Fender Flares

These fender flares usually have a smaller profile than the OE fender flares, which gives them a sleeker, low-profile look while still providing decent protection around the wheel well. The size of street style fender flares can vary, and they’re an ideal show-room style.

Pocket Style Fender Flares

Pocket style fender flares provide optimum protection and provide a tough and rugged look for your truck. Your truck can easily stand-out on the road and look intimidating. These flares earn their name by having multiple pockets set in the flare with a bolt in each one of them. This makes it appear as the flares are bolted onto your wheel base, but in reality they aren’t. That being said, they don’t require a drilled installation, but you might need to double check on the ones you’re interested in.