Saturday , June 15 2024

Wedding Plans: Details Not to Forget for Your Big Day

The wedding is the most important day for most people; I wouldn’t be wrong in saying women dream about it  since early age, planning out every detail way before even knowing who the groom would be.

When the hype of the proposal has finally passed, and it’s time to actually start planning for the big day, however, it’s easy to forget about certain details when you think of the venue, the music, the cake, the number of guests and the type of food you want.

This post is about reminding you of the other aspects that also make a difference. For instance, the venue could seal the deal but then so could decoration. The treatment and linen wedding tables and chairs are decorated with might not be on your priority list yet they are essential so take some time to consider the colour, the fabric, and whether or not you’d like to have table runners.

linen wedding

Along with the linen wedding favours are a must if you’re aiming for something unique and a present guests could actually use as the perfect thank you for having them at your memorable day. Other than the centrepieces, favours add a twist of their own to the table décor and could put a smile on your guests (e.g. go with sweets!) or lead to plenty of people copying your ideas – only the great ones get copied!

Don’t forget to make a grand entrance. Depending on the size of the venue, it might be easy for guests to get lost, so this is your chance to use signs to your advantage and other than functionality have them serve for aesthetics too.

Show guests the way to reach the venue, where to park, get to the seats, assign them with a table so as to avoid a mess, and of course, show them where the exit is. Speaking of exit, you should make for something grand also, have everyone talk about and remember your big day for. It could be getting away in a vintage car, horse carriage or hot air balloon; nothing is too far-fetched, it’s your day and you’re the star of the show!

If you want to engage guests more and make for a unique experience, hand them notes and let them write down a marriage advice that you’d keep in your wedding scrapbook. This is sure to bring about laughter! Last but not least, count on lighting for drama; candles always make a great option for the needed intimacy.