Thursday , April 18 2024

How a Tongue Scraper Can Help You Beat Bad Morning Breath

So, you’re trying to be nice around the office and enthusiastically greet everyone. But your efforts seem unsuccessful. Every co-worker you say “Good morning” to just turns around and gets the hell out of there as quickly as possible. It’s official, people hate you. Or so you think. The truth is, not everyone hates you (although many of them probably do). It’s your breath that’s the main reason they all stay away from you in your morning.

But you brush your teeth thoroughly, and even go out of your way to floss and rinse with a mouthwash. So, how come your breath smells as though rubbish was spilt in your mouth? Well, it’s because there really was, and it continues to be spilt right now. As you’re reading this, the bacteria in your mouth feed like crazy on the tiny crumbs of food residue. And the debris of their feasting nestles itself into your tongue throughout the day in the form of a disgusting, smelly coat.

While it’s gross to think there’s a whole universe of bacteria living in your mouth, they actually have a useful job. Normal oral bacteria help break down the food in the mouth so that after it’s swallowed, your stomach can finish the business more easily. In fact, the real enemy is the by-products of their job – volatile sulphur compounds and other nasty chemicals that smell like rotting eggs. So, what can you do? One very simple and effective way to clean up this stinky waste is to use a scraper for tongue.

scraper for tongue

While you sleep, saliva production decreases and your mouth turns into a dry zone where bacteria are most active. The products of their activity just pile up and pile up over the night until you wake up with a white coat on your tongue and a nasty smell in your mouth. The good news is that you don’t have to go the whole day with this disgusting coat of sulphur as it can be removed by gently running a scraper for tongue.

The tongue scraper is a fairly simple tool. It’s a rounded metal bar supported by two handles. It’s usually recommended to use a copper tongue scraper as copper has natural antimicrobial properties. The process of using it is also simple. When you’re done brushing, just leave a layer of toothpaste on your tongue. Then, drag the scraper over your tongue, back to front, and really gently. Finish by rinsing and swishing around mouthwash. Make sure to always rinse the scraper with warm water before and after use.

Besides getting rid of bad breath, there’s also another important reason to scrape away the coat of sulphur. High levels of sulphur in the mouth are associated with increased levels of gum disease. In addition to using a tongue scraper, you can minimize the sulphuric compounds in your mouth by reducing your protein, sugar, and dairy intake – all of which are bacteria’s favourite fuel. On the other hand, up your intake of crunchy fruits and vegetables which also help mechanically clean teeth and remove food particles stuck between them.