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Tips on How to Style and Care for Chelsea Boots

If there’s one thing women love about autumn, it’s wearing layered clothes and womens boots. There is something in those cute autumn ankle boots that makes us feel attractive and stylish at the same time. This goes especially for the popular Chelsea boots. They are appealing, extremely comfortable and versatile.

But the beauty of these boots lies in the fact that they can be worn with both casual and more formal outfits. Depending on your personal preferences and style, Chelsea boots can add the finishing touch to casual, elegant, modern and classy looks. You can find these womens boots in a variety of materials including leather, suede, faux leather and varnished leather version. But the genuine leather Chelsea boots are the easiest to style and care for.

chelsea style boots

source: @eccoshoes

So, let’s see all the ways you can wear your Chelsea boots for a winning autumn look. And since these boots will probably become your favourites, I’ll also give you some care tips so you can keep them in good condition for many rainy seasons to come.

How to Wear Chelsea Boots for Women?

Skinny Jeans and Chelsea Boots

skinny jeans and chelsea boots outfit


This is maybe one of the most favourite type of outfit for women of all ages. Except for skinny jeans, you can also combine these boots with slim-fit jeans and cuff them to show off the boots’ real beauty. This look is quite versatile as you can make lots of top combos.

  • When in the mood to pull off a chic urban look, you can pair leather or suede Chelsea boots with black skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a long-sleeved flannel shirt. You can leave the shirt unbuttoned to create a more eye-catching look.
  • For those days when you want to pull off an edgy look, you can match black skinny/slim-fit jeans with black/grey Chelsea boots and a black leather jacket.

Casual Looks & Chelsea Boots

casual outfit black chelsea boots

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Whether you choose black, blue or grey jeans or perhaps a mini skirt, putting on a cosy sweater and Chelsea boots is the perfect way for creating a comfy autumn casual look. According to fashion designers, you can pair black boots of this kind with solid earth colours like burgundy, cream, tan and charcoal.

  • To add another dimension of your casual look, you can wear a knee-length tan coat and a black beanie.
  • You can also match Chelsea boots with denim overalls and a plain white/black t-shirt with long/short sleeves. For a unique statement, cuff the overalls two to three times, allowing the socks to be visible. This will make things more eye-catching, and for this purpose, be sure to choose socks with some interesting print.

Vintage Look & Chelsea Boots

vintage outfit chelsea boots

source: @blundstone

Those who are in love with everything vintage can complement their look with Chelsea boots without compromising it. The warm, earthy design of these boots makes them the perfect footwear for some vintage-inspired outfits.

  • Whether you choose to wear a vintage skirt or dress, choosing one that falls to about knee-length could be a great way to show off your amazing Chelsea boots.
  • For the top, you can either choose a well-fitted shirt or you can opt for a looser top for those days when you are Boho inspired.

Get Dressy with These Sassy Boots’ Combos

casual chelsea boots outfit

source: @eccoshoes

Who says that you can’t pull off a formal and business look with flat Chelsea boots? All you need to do is to find the right combo and nail the formal look while having well-rested feet.

  • For those of you who are working in an office, creating an all-black outfit is always a good idea when you don’t know what to wear to work. These black boots can look perfect with black dress pants and a black turtleneck. Besides being stylish, this look will create a more refined silhouette which is every woman’s dream. To add more colour, you can always opt for a preppy plaid blazer.
  • When it’s warm to wear a blazer, you can add a little bit of colour to this all-black outfit by wearing a lightweight black jumper with a white shirt underneath it. This is another all-time-favourite look among women as it’s so simple and minimalistic yet so appealing.
  • For those days when you want to feel more feminine, you can pair your Chelsea boots with a black/navy pencil skirt, white shirt and a trench coat in a neutral colour like black, navy or tan. When tired with this look, you can refresh your Chelsea boots collection by opting for ones in dark brown or burgundy colour.

Don’t Overlook Accessories

Adding accessories like scarves, earrings and stylish bags can make Chelsea boots outfits look more refined. Since accessories have the power to make your look pop, make sure to choose statement ones. Ones that are comfortable yet noticeable.

How to Care for Women’s Leather Boots?

Without a doubt, genuine leather is one of the best materials used for boots and footwear in general. It is durable, comfortable, stylish and thick. Leather is known as the one and only material for boots that can keep your feet warm and comfortable at the same time. But just like with everything else, if not caring for it properly, you can’t expect it to last long. Besides cleaning them and moisturising them on a regular basis, there are some other things that can help keep your leather boots in great condition for as long as you need them.