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Find the Right Comb to Style & Maintain Your Hair

Finding the right beauty products for you is often a stressful job. But while you may need to diligently study the ingredients list on your serums and moisturisers, at least you don’t have to put much thought into choosing a comb, right? Well, I might have some bad news for you.

hair comb

Hair combs are a ubiquitous part of our daily routine, but not many people use the right combing technique. And this can lead to frizzy and damaged hair. That being said, to make sure you always have a good hair day, you need to choose and use your combing tool wisely.

There’s a reason there’s such a wide comb variety, and it’s not to make shopping more interesting. The different shapes, sizes and materials are all suitable for different types of hair and offer different results.

Know the Difference


First of all, there is a difference between a comb and a brush – two hair styling tools which are commonly confused. The first one is suitable for creating a smooth look and works great when you need to be precise when styling your hair. On the other hand, the brush is mainly used to detangle your hair and make it more voluminous. But for the purpose of this article, let’s focus on the various types of combs for hair and how to use them properly.

Shower Comb

girl using Shower Comb

Wide-tooth shower combs are specifically designed for combing wet hair. As the name suggests and by the way they are shaped, this hair styling comb will detangle wet hair smoothly. Although many hairstylists suggest you to wait until your hair is a bit dry and then start combing it, shower combs may help to achieve better results when washing your hair. They are ideal for spreading hair masks or conditioner evenly. This model is a must if you want to prevent your hair from breaking and damaging while being washed. Shower combs can also prevent frizz that mainly occurs because of dehydration (due to overuse of hair straighteners and hair dryers, bleaching and dyes).

Wide-Tooth Tail Combs

Girl using Wide-Tooth Tail Combs

Just like the name says, these hair styling combs have large teeth and can go through a big amount of hair in a single stroke. This type of comb is especially useful when dying your hair. Just divide the sections with the tail and spread the dye evenly by combining it down. Besides this, you can use it for successful teasing and lifting. The tail will help you to style your hair up in a neat way. While it may look fragile, this model can easily endure heat up to 300°C.

All-Purpose Hair Combs


If you are looking for something that will be gentle with your hair and help you style it without breaking or damaging, you can use an all-purpose hair comb. It glides gently through both dry and wet hair and easily detangles knots. No matter if you use it while blowing your hair or dying it, it will resist both high temperatures and chemicals. Its small size and light weight will make it the best option for travelling.

Cutting Hair Combs

Using cutting hair comb

No hairdresser works without it. And if you’re cutting your hair at home, you shouldn’t either. This type of hairdressing tool has thin teeth placed very close to each other, allowing the hairstylist to detangle and straighten the hair. An even hair cut depends a lot on these hairdressing combs. These models also come with built-in razors that help in fast trims (mainly used for short hair). But unless you are a hairstylist, it’s better to get the one without razors.

Pick Hair Comb

These are made mainly to lift your hair and work their magic when you want to achieve an Afro look. Their wide teeth and easy-to-hold handle make them user-friendly when you tease your hair. Often made of plastic, woods, and metal, these models come in all shapes and colours and can be a great solution for thick and frizzy hair. Small and lightweight, they can be easily stored in pockets or purses.

Teasing Hair Combs

girl using Teasing Hair Combs

If you have thin hair and want to give it more volume, you should go for this model. As the name suggests, it will help you lift your hair and you can use it for styling as well. Made of a combination of materials (plastic and metal), the teeth have various lengths. There are some teeth on the handle as well for even more precise styling and teasing. To use it, pick a strand of hair upward and then start combing your hair downwards several times in a row (it should be done a bit roughly). Usually, teasing works best with long hair.

Heat Resistant Comb

heat-resisting hair comb

This is a wonderful model if you want perfectly straight and sleek hair. It practically guides the strand without the risk of melting from the iron or hairdryer.

Pocket Combs


Small by size, these models can easily fit into your pocket. And perhaps you get the 50s vibes, but believe it or not, people are still very much fond of them. And how can you not be? They help you keep your hair perfectly styled when you’re on the go. Having two combing sides – a wide-tooth side and a fine-tooth side, these hairstyling tools can style any hair type.

Some Final Tips

Pick the model that works best for your hair type. Be gentle when using it and make sure to glide it carefully through your hair to avoid breaking and damaging. If your hair is damaged, you should be extra careful when buying combs and opt for gentler materials like for instance bamboo. Always use wide-teeth combs to detangle your hair (especially if your hair is still wet). Unless you are not a hairdresser, you do not have to go for professional models that will only make the whole process more complicated.

Although this whole thing might seem like a simple activity, combing your hair with the proper tool can make a huge difference not only in the way your hair looks, but it also in its health.