Thursday , April 18 2024

The Three Basic Types of Lawn Mowers

As a little girl I used to host tea parties for my dolls on the green carpet in our garden. Then, in Year 10, I had my first kiss on the lawn behind my school. And now that I’ve started my own family, our front lawn is where we spend our mutual Sunday lunches. It seems that lawns are woven into the very fabric of my life, and I’m sure they are an important part of the life of many Australians as well.

However, a lawn does not become the green carpet of freshness it’s supposed to be without some sweat. It needs to be regularly watered, fertilised and most importantly – mown. And this time of the year is perfect for purchasing a garden tool like a lawn mower. Because it’s manly used during the warmer months, the chances of coming across a lawn mower sales are the highest around winter. By shopping for a lawn mower now, you can save a good amount of money you can later use on fertilizer, or a garden bench for instance. Let’s look at the three basic choices you’ll be faced with.

Reel Mower

This manual type of mower has a set of metal blades that spin while you push it along your lawn. The reel mower is quiet and has no engine which allows you to tend to your lawn any time of the day, without disturbing the peace in your neighborhood. Moreover, the reel mower burns no fuel, which makes it an environment friendly option too. However, it lacks the power other mowers have and can sometimes roll over weeds rather than cut them. Overall a good choice for tiny, flat yards.

Electric Mower

Electric movers use your mains supply to mow your lawn. They are relatively quiet and clean because they require no gas or oil. The fact that they need to be plugged in presents and obvious obstacle. The range of your movements will be limited to how long the cord is, and the cord can become entangled as you mow around fences, trees and shrubs. A cordless mower might be easier for manoeuvring.

Petrol Mower

Petrol mowers are the ideal choice for large yards and sports grounds. Not only are they not restricted by a cord or battery, but they also have a lot more power in them then mowers with electric engines. Their potency and the fact that they run on petrol, means that they can come at a higher price than other models. Therefore, if a powerful petrol mower is the tool your garden needs, the best tip is to look for clearance and discount prices. In fact, there are lawn mower sales across Australia right this instant. Hurry up, before they’re all gone!