Saturday , May 18 2024

Infuse Warmth to Your Minimalistic and Contemporary Interior

When given the opportunity to design a space from scratch, I’m a huge lover of the “less is more” concept. And while there are many homes cluttered with so many pieces that serve no particular purpose but are just placed there to fill up the empty space, luckily, there are many that differ. To my huge satisfaction, the interior design trends of today boast decorating spaces with as little furniture pieces as possible – pieces that combine the best of both worlds – function and aesthetics.

In big open spaces that can be used in various ways, the ideal thing to do is make clever architectural and lighting design moves which will bring the large space down to a comfortable human scale. For that purpose, decorate the space with natural materials, warm hues and soft textures to create an inviting ambiance.

In the master bedroom, make sure to incorporate warm tones in the contemporary furniture pieces and the overall design for the sake of creating a calm ambiance. Add sheers to the windows as well as blackout drapes to increase intimacy when you need it. Also, install dark hardwood floors for a timeless appeal, a fluffy rug that will go well with the decorative pillows and a vanity whose top part will open up to act as a mirror. Simple, yet highly functional!

In the living room, it’d be a cool idea to add a mirror to the bottom part of the coffee table to glam it up. Also, add some interesting objects in between the mirror and the glass surface to add more interest to the otherwise minimalistic and sleek interior design. If you are a lover of drapes, find a way to keep them clean-lined. Here’s an idea: tuck the pinch pleats above the drop ceiling to give them a clean and linear look. Choose ones that are motorized so when you open them they’d disappear behind the recesses in the walls.

Furthermore, you can leave the kitchen, the breakfast room and the family room open to one another and create a beautiful unity by carefully coordinating colours, textures and materials. As for the kitchen – when you combine painted cabinets and wood, make sure to use the same tonality. Match warm colours with warm woods, or the opposite – cool woods with cool hues. Add a cabinet in the kitchen which will enable an easier transition from the kitchen to the living room. In the living room however, add a cabinet or some other contemporary furniture piece made out of a different wood to help delineate the spaces.