Saturday , May 18 2024

Techni Ice: The Trustworthy Choice for Your Ice Cooler Needs

If an ice cooler has been on your wish list for a while now, there’s a good chance you’ve been analysing your alternatives and deciding whether to invest in one. Today, I’m here to tell you the compelling reasons why the Techni Ice Coolers should be your first choice of insulated coolers. Whether you enjoy camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, climbing, etc. or are involved in sports events for your kids, picnics or outdoor concerts, a Techni Ice Cooler will be the best investment you can make.

Getting to Know Techni Ice


Techni Ice is an Australian brand that produces some of the highest-quality ice boxes, car fridges and cooling and refrigeration products in the market. When you invest in Techni Ice you get peace of mind knowing that you are getting a product designed to provide reliable temperature control and protection for different applications.

Clients from some of the world’s most challenging applications such as aviation, mining, hospitality, medical and cold-chain delivery, have trusted Techni Ice products and technology to succeed in their field. Mcdonalds, Qantas, Jetstar, Meals and Wheels, BHP, Air France, KLM, SES, The Department of Defense and Pizza Hut are some of their valued clients.

With many years of experience producing the best ice retention solutions, Techni Ice industry awards represent the level of quality and customer pleasure they tirelessly seek to deliver.

The Techni Ice Cooler Lineup

Although Techni Ice offers a range of cooling products, today I’ll be focusing mainly on their lineup of soft-sided coolers and hard-sided coolers.

Soft-Sided Coolers

You’ll find Techni Ice soft cooler models ranging from 5-quart to 14-quart, 24-quart and 36-quart. All of them feature a similar design with the exception of the 36-quart bag that comes with full-length skids rather than rubber feet that allows the bag to be dragged around surfaces without causing damage to the bottom.

Each bag features a practical handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for support while carrying bigger things. Additionally, all of them have mesh and zipped pockets where you may securely store your keys and other valuables. Although the look of these coolers isn’t something out of normal you can be certain that they adhere to Techni Ice’s philosophy of straightforward, high-performance cooling technology.

Hard-Sided Cooler

Like with the soft-sided range, you’ll also find different size options for Techni Ice hard-sided coolers that should satisfy your demands. Their dimensions range from 37 quarts to 47 quarts to 63 quarts to 74 quarts to 90 quarts to 111 quarts to 132 quarts. Each unit features the classic side rope handles, and the 90-quart and 111-quart variants additionally have wheels on the ends for portability.

As you may have noticed, the sizes come in somewhat random ranges of sizes. Techni Ice virtually seems to choose arbitrary numbers, although the majority of other brands will offer a 45-quart, 60-quart, etc. They are most likely designed around certain amounts in litres, but quarts are the more typical unit of measurement for cooler storage sizes.

Techni Ice Cooler Unique Features


The unusually lengthy ice life of Techni Ice is one of the qualities in which the company takes the most pride. They frequently proudly claim that their coolers offer “unrivalled ice retention” and they have some unique qualities to support it.

Extremely Thick Walls

Both the Techni Ice soft cooler and hard-sided cooler models feature extremely thick walls. You will see at least 2.8″ thick walls in their hard-sided coolers and, in some cases, over 3″ of wall thickness (usually in the lid). This is a MASSIVE amount, and I don’t think any other cooler brand has ever been able to match it. Even in the world of high-end coolers, a thickness of closer to 2″ or even 2.5″ is typical.

Quality Materials

The material the cooler is made from can be just as important as the thickness. There have been instances where thinner coolers outperformed thicker ones because the material was more thermally sound and of higher quality.

Techni Ice uses multi-compound PU insulation that is extremely high-quality and dense. Additionally, it is built using the time-tested and reliable roto-moulding technique, which yields a sturdy structure that prevents cold air from finding an easy way to leave. A high-density PE foam, one of the most effective soft materials for insulation, is also used in soft-sided cooler bags.

Dual Airlock System

The Dual Airlock System that Techni Ice hard-sided coolers boast is another unique feature. This system has an EVAS Seal as well as a second Fridge Gasket Seal. The second gasket adds an additional layer of security and creates a significant amount of squeeze that, in the opinion of Techni Ice, produces an ideal seal at almost all ambient temperatures.

Elevated Feet

Many don’t know but the heat from the ground also impacts ice life. This radiating heat affects coolers that have their entire base flush with the ground, which can reduce the potential ice life by several hours. This is especially apparent when the temperature soars unusually high, which happens frequently throughout the summer months. This is avoided by Techni Ice Coolers by raising the base above the ground.