Saturday , May 18 2024

Surf Skate: Now You Can Enjoy Surfing on Land

I don’t know what the meaning behind the name Australia is, but if I were to guess on top of my head, I’d say it probably means the “land of surfing”. And if you’re a proud resident of surf-land, I’m sure you’ve seen many Aussies get far too excited about this adrenaline-filled sport. But when the water surface lies flat for days on end without any waves for surfers to enjoy, they become frustrated because they are stuck on land. Well, this frustration with the ocean’s calmness, ultimately lead to an ingenious invention. Namely, the surf skate board.

The act of “surfskating” is around for only a couple of decades. It involves a special type of board called a surf skate. The surf skate board is built with special attention to the design of a surfboard in order to replicate the feeling of surfing on waves. When on the surf skate, the riders can move their upper body more freely and kneel down really low, while maintaining the speed and motion, similar to surfing.

surf skate (1)

While a surf skate board is not that different from a regular longboard, a long time skateboarder will immediately know the difference when he sees one. Although it’s literally made of a longboard, the other components are very different. Surfskate boards feature an original 360—degree truck design, also called a V-truck, which is what allows for a full freedom of movement of the front of the board, the same as a surf board. Due to this unique truck design, a rider can pump the board for speed and perform carving turns and cutbacks, just as if he was riding the waves.

What’s so great about this special type of skateboard is that it can be the ideal introduction to surfing if you’re a newbie. Let’s face it, not everyone can be a pro-surfer, but you still can improve your techniques with practice. Taking water out of the equation can make it easier for you to master specific moves. A surfskate board allows you to practice moves on land, and if you know how to be great on this skateboard, it could be easily replicated on your surfing later on.

surf skate (1)

Well, you might think skateboarding is not as scary as surfing, however it too can be frequently terrifying. When you’re surfing you’re dealing with waves, but when you’re skateboarding there’s only the hard concrete bellow you. This means it’s even more important to wear the proper protective gear that will save you from getting badly injured from a fall.