Thursday , April 18 2024

Certificate Iii Business Administration Provides Opportunities to Work in Diverse Workplaces

Behind every successful company is a team of competent business administrators – no business could run smoothly without them. In the world of today, business administration positions are one of the most sought-after ones that provide job security and great opportunities to work in a variety of workplaces. Opportunities in business administration exist in every industry, from not-profit and creative, to corporate organizations, as well in large and small business.

However, to be able to work in the area of business administration you will need to get a certificate III in the field, which is an intermediate level qualification designed to provide individuals with a wide range of office skills. You can obtain a certificate Iii business administration online or in a classroom if you prefer, but the truth is, online courses are the more popular option due to the flexibility they offer to combine your studies with the rest of your schedule. During the certificate Iii business administration online course you will learn how to create spreadsheets in Excel, produce and use databases, develop a greater keyboard speed and accuracy, design and create appealing presentations, process payroll, and many other similar skills essential to succeed in the modern business world. Read on to find out what are some of the possible career positions you could get with the help of a certificate III in business administration.


Receptionists are responsible for managing the front of an office, directing phone calls, handling mails and emails as well as directing clients, suppliers and visitors. High communication, organizational, and customer service skills are some of the essential requirements for receptionists to manage the different tasks they will have. Other responsibilities may include meeting room booking, managing appointments, providing administrative support, creating reports, documents, data entry, managing stationery as well as arranging travels.

Administration Assistant

Administration assistants manage a wide range of tasks and responsibilities depending on the company’s requirements. An administration assistant may be required to file, prepare or archive documents, send and sort mail or other communication means to clients, answer phones, as well as fulfill general office and similar tasks.

Office Manager

Usually, office managers are responsible for organization and other office tasks needed to effectively and efficiently run a company. These tasks include filling and integrating information which will be used by personnel and clients, maintaining office equipment and supplies, managing external client communications and internal staff, taking care of banking and mail, as well as managing payroll and invoicing.

Personal Assistant and Executive Assistant

Personal and executive assistants provide administrative support to the executives of an organization or company. They are usually responsible for organizing schedules and activities of the executive instead of the office. Tasks such as reviewing incoming events, mail, reports and submissions for prioritization, diary management, organizing meetings, preparing agendas, organizing travel and hotel arrangements are often part of a personal and executive assistant’s role.