Saturday , May 18 2024

SteriPEN Water Purifier: Avoid Water-Borne Illness When Traveling

SteriPen is a leading manufacturer of handheld water purifiers. The brand uses an ultraviolet light technology that purifies water quickly and easily, ensuring safe water drinking while traveling.

Water Purifier

Benefits of using SteriPen water purifiers

  • UV Water Purification Technology – The ultraviolet light technology that SteriPen uses to purify water is the same technology used by famous bottled water manufacturers, as well as major cities around the word to purify water. Today, this technology is available on all handheld devices created by SteriPen.
  • Tested and Proven – A huge number of SteriPen water purifier devices have been used all over the globe, from tropical beaches to mountain ranges, exotic cities and are even available as home emergency kits.
  • Economical and Sustainable – Most models of water purifier devices offered by the brand are reusable for up to 8,000 liters, which is more than 7 years of safe drinking water! Furthermore, the brand avoids plastic pollution by avoiding thousands of plastic water bottles from ending up in the waste cycle.
  • Certified and Effective – The UV water purification technology destroys over 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and protozoa like Cryptosporidium and Giardia. And to ensure its effectiveness, SteriPen has the Water Quality Association certification as well as various awards.

Below are few of the most popular SteriPen water purifiers.

SteriPen Aqua

The SteriPen Aqua is the most economical UV water purifier available and also one of the most effective ones. In just 48 seconds, it eliminates over 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and protozoa that is known to cause water-borne illness. It is perfect to use when traveling as it helps you save money by allowing you to treat tap water instead of having to buy bottled water. The SteriPen Aqua is an easy-to-use device (just press button, place in water, and stir) and it lasts for up to 3,000 liters of water purification.

SteriPen Adventure Opti

The SteriPen Adventure Opti is designed for peak performance in the outdoors. Featuring an optical eye senses water that ensures safe use and effective water treatment, thousands of adventures around the world consider it part of an essential gear. In addition, the revolutionary optical water sensor can be used as an integrated LED flashlight for extra convenience when necessary.

SteriPen Emergency

In the case of an emergency you can rely on the SteriPen Emergency to provide you access to safe drinking water. Efficient and affordable, this water purifier will help you keep your family comfortably in any situation when there is a problem.