Sunday , May 29 2022

LED Lighting Strip: More Efficient, Brighter and Longer Lasting Option for Home Lighting

These days, LED lights or light emitting diodes are the most popular types of home lighting as they have tons of benefits over the regular incandescent and halogen lights. The main benefits of using LED lights is that they use very little electricity, produce no heat at all, have a longer lifespan and can be easily controlled. What’s more, they are extremely durable and are available in a range of styles, but recently the most commonly used types of LED lights is the LED lighting strip.

LED strips are the perfect addition to both domestic and commercial facilities as they have the power to change the mood and look of the space while being energy efficient.

The possibilities of using and placing LED strips are endless, meaning that you need to make a good plan, and choose the right LED lighting strip for the desired effect you want to achieve. And when it comes to choosing LED lighting strip, buying from reputable and trusted brand is crucial as this is the only way to choose the right LED strips for your home – type, size and quality wise.

Types of LED Light Strips

Depending on how you plan to use it, you must choose the right type of LED strip that will suit your needs. For example, coated LED strips are perfect for humid and moist areas like bathrooms as these types of lights are waterproof. Aluminium panel LED strips, on the other hand, are ideal for walkways.
Encased flexible LED strips or also known as the LED rope

  • Non-encased flexible LED strips or also known as LED ribbons

  • Self-adhesive LED strips

  • Aluminum LED strips

  • Rigid LED light strips or also known as LED light bars

LEDs in the Length of Strip

While taking into account the length of the light strip, considering the number of lights in the strip is also important. Generally speaking, the more lights in the strip the better, so when choosing you must look for strip lights that have the highest amount of LEDs per meter.

Brightness of LED Strip Lights

Over the years, LED lights have improved a lot in order to produce much brighter light. However, not all types of LED strip lights are bright, which means that you need to choose the brightness depending on the use.

LED Strip Light Colour

Just like the regular light, LED strip lights come in a range of colours that can change. The most basic type of LED strips is called ‘non addressable’ as they emit one fixed colour of light. They are the cheapest option of LED strips you have and the easiest to install.

On the other hand, the ‘non addressable RGB strips’ can display any Red-Green-Blue colour. These strips have a small controller in between which makes it easier to control each LED on an individual basis. Consequently, these strips are more expensive than the other type.

Wattage of LED Strip Lights

Before buying any LED strip light, make sure you look at the wattage and ensure that your power outlet can handle the energy demands of the LEDs. Regardless the manufacturer, on the back of the product specification of the LED strip lights you can find the wattage.

Installation of the LED Strip Lights

If you choose to buy flexible LED strips with adhesive backing, you can install it even on your own as they do not require to follow any specific installation instructions. In other cases, if the strips need to be cut or programmed, you may want to hire a professional to install them.