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Fear of God Essentials: When Ultimate Comfort Meets Effortless Style

There’s nothing like relaxing on your couch at home to realise the potential of all your cosy clothes. But, if you feel like switching to something a little more sophisticated, the moment of the upgrade has come for you. Fear of God Essentials which is a collection designed by Jerry Lorenzo, strikes the ideal balance between style and comfort. With more frequent drops and more inexpensive rates, the label has developed into a force since its launch in early 2018 and offers fans the best and most affordable way to get Lorenzo’s creations.

Is Essentials and Fear of God the Same?

Fear of God was one of the most desired streetwear labels by 2015 since it had already advanced through the ranks. Being a consummate businessman, Lorenzo aimed to increase the accessibility of his clothing and ultimately teamed up with PacSun to launch the F.O.G. line, which was more reasonably priced.

When The Cut asked him why he decided to enter a more accessible market, he said that more family members shop at PacSun than Barneys, so he wanted to be where his cousins could come to see him and be happy for him. F.O.G. was a staple for a few years until 2018 when Lorenzo decided to suspend the line and replace it with Essentials.

Essentials create collections of straightforward pieces in subdued tones. While F.O.G. was essentially a less expensive version of the original Fear of God, Essentials was Lorenzo’s attempt to categorise his works correctly. Since its inception, the collection has thrived, and as streetwear enthusiasts will confirm, the iconic Fear of God Essentials has become the most fantastic option for them to get Lorenzo’s items.

three tenagers posing in fear of god essential clothing



Fear of God has partnered with numerous individuals and brands over the years, as most streetwear companies do. It’s been bold in its partnerships, working with brands like Nike, Converse, Vans, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and many others.

The collection they created in partnership with Union LA to honour the venerable retailer’s 30th anniversary has been one of our favourites. In collaboration with Essentials, Lorenzo released a range of exquisite items, such as tie-dye hoodies and tees, and several muted tees, joggers, shorts, and caps. Fans adored it even though it was one of Lorenzo’s flashier Essentials collections.

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How to Wear and Style Essentials?

According to the now-established style of earth tones with variations in dark grey, green, and black, pieces like puffer jackets, sweatsuits, trousers, and other clothing are recreated in new shapes and hues. The Essentials label, present on almost all of the collection’s pieces, adds sophistication to the simple apparel with a relaxed fit and a focus on comfort.

The products are different from the main line, even though you can still wear them with clothing from the main line. Essentials is precisely what its name suggests: straightforward items in subdued hues. Here are five brand-new ways to dress your favourite FOG Essentials pieces.

The Sweatsuit Classic

When putting together a sweatpants and hoodie ensemble, there is a straightforward rule to remember: pick the same colour clothing pieces and, if possible, from the same set. That creates a monochrome impression you can emphasise with accents and various hues. It’s both practical and fashionable. People who wish to feel at ease while acting should wear this style.

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The Monochrome Look

All-black attire has a classic look that is also on-trend. The sweatpants and hoodie ensemble becomes athletic yet chic when accessorised with cool and chunky sneakers, a sophisticated trench coat, and a matching beanie.

black man posing in all black fear of god clothing


The New Neutral

Neutrals can help you in extending your wardrobe beyond what it often is. They all can blend with any colour, from beige and lighter hues of brown to darker tones. Pick a colour that complements your skin tone to start. It is now simply a matter of combining the colours you have chosen. Having some contrast between your parts is essential since everything that merges looks flat and uninteresting.

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The Casual Smart

With the proper accessories, you can dress down the same sweatshirt and create a timeless look that will have people staring as soon as you enter the room. Sweatshirts and slim-fitting pants go well together. Whether you’re going to work or enjoying casual Friday, this will give your outfit a competitive edge and make you look more put together while keeping you comfortable all day.

The outfit gains added sharpness from the ripped jeans. Wear your sweatshirt with a tee underneath and a blazer on top. Let the t-shirt protrude from under the sweatshirt to give colour and texture. You can try on many blazers to discover your style. This ensemble allows for a unique and laid-back style that is professional and polished, making a bold statement in situations where a jacket is necessary.

young man sitting on stairs dressed in jeans and fear of god hoodie


Texturing Your Outfit

A fit that is otherwise straightforward could get depth by using texture to add contrast. Imagine the differences between flowing and rigid, polished and dull, and soft and hard. If everything in an outfit is the same, what makes it interesting? Your ensemble will look more interesting if you wear a garment with some sort of texture in it; when it’s present, even a monochromatic look attracts attention. Include textures like denim, leather or suede, corduroy, fleece, or Sherpa that you might already have in your closet.

Layering a sweatshirt beneath a chic suede jacket is one of the finest ways to add texture to your ensemble and stay warm in the winter. The combination adds a lot of warmth while also being stylish and sleek. Pick a black motorcycle jacket and pair it with a black zip-up hoodie to preserve the look of toughness and edge. Then, for a rocker appearance, add slim-fit black or blue jeans for a more urban feel.

man dressed in all denim fear of god clothing