Thursday , July 18 2024

Sebamed: A Skincare Brand That Gets the Needs of Sensitive Skin

Learning what your skin needs can be a lengthy journey. We all have gone through various processes of realising that not all cosmetics are suitable for us. Especially those of us who have sensitive skin.

When you have sensitive skin, you just can’t really put on any product. Products that are harsh can irritate your delicate skin and lead to a variety of issues like itching, redness or breakouts. For that reason, people with sensitive skin find it best to go with products by clinically-tested brands like Sebamed.

This German brand has a tradition of more than sixty years. During the past decades, the brand created a plethora of products that are made to fit your needs. Their product range targets various skin types and concerns, as well as babies’ skin. If you’re looking for safe and effective products, then explore the dermatologically-tested range by Sebamed. Here are some of their most popular products.

Gentle Facial Cleanser


Everyone appreciates a good cleanser. However, harsh cleaners can disturb the skin’s balance. I’m sure you know that unpleasant feeling of dry skin when you wash it with unsuitable cleansers That’s why this brand’s Gentle Facial Cleanser has a pH value of 5.5. Soaps and cleaners should have alkaline pH to maintain the moisture and the natural protective layer of your skin. This way, your skin remains free of the risk of skin reactions and dehydration.). This pH level is also crucial for preventing the growth of micro-organisms which can cause acne/

The Gentle Facial Cleanser also contains some amazing natural active ingredients. It supports the hydro-lipid balance of your skin and offers mild and efficient cleansing. The hydrolyzed silk moisturizer will make your skin soft to the touch and the sodium lactate will keep your skin’s natural moisture. And best of all, it’s 100% soap, alcohol and fragrance-free.

Spa Shower Gel


Your body’s skin also requires proper cleansing. And similarly, it also needs a neutral and alkali-free pH product that can keep the natural protective functions of your skin’s acid covering. The brand’s body wash gel – Spa Shower is here to help you create a real spa experience in the comfort of your bathroom. It’s specially made for sensitive skin and will prevent dryness, skin reactions and dehydration. Expect soft cleaning that will leave your skin smooth to the touch and protected against allergens and harmful microorganisms.

The relaxing formula with Water Lily extract moisturizes and enhances the hydrating effect to keep your skin moisture. Thanks to the Allantoin, your skin will be revitalized. You’ll feel the softness after only one use.

Anti-Ageing Q10 Lifting Eye Cream


The skin under your eyes is much thinner than the skin on your face. This is why it is especially prone to dehydration, darkening and fine lines. And then there’s also the fact that people with sensitive and dry skin can experience flaking around the eyes. For that reason, your facial skincare will not be complete without proper under eye cream.

Anti-Ageing Q10 Lifting Eye Cream is a soft and gentle cream that will keep the skin under your eyes silky and hydrated. Q10 is the skin’s natural active ingredient that starts to decrease after the age of 30. The ingredients in this eye cream work as activators of the energy production of skin cells that maintain the skin’s elasticity and smoothness. If you are noticing your first fine lines, we recommend you to start using this cream. Thanks to the Moisturizing Phytopeptides formula the fine lines are visibly reduced and the delicate skin under your eyes will be protected and nourished.

Extreme Dry Skin Relief Hand Cream 5% Urea

sebamed dry skin 5

Besides the face, our hands’ skin is the most exposed to the elements. Sun, dry air, soaps but also touching things such as phone, bags, money, and doorknobs affects the hands’ skin. And if you have sensitive skin, you have at least once experienced itching, dryness or flaking symptoms on your fingers. Not only it is important to use the right-hand soap, but it’s also crucial to use suitable hand cream that will create a protective barrier.

The Extreme Dry Skin Relief Hand Cream 5% Urea will reduce up to 62% of dryness. If you have problems with acute itching, this hand cream will calm your skin down. The Urea complex will help the dry skin peel away and the intensive moisturising complex will restore the moisture balance. It’s ideal for proper skin regeneration.

Lip Defense Stick


There is nothing more annoying than dry and chapped lips. Various factors lead to this condition such as windy and cold weather, overheated rooms, dehydration or constant licking of the lips.

Using the right lip balm can help your lips become soft and smooth again. The Lip Defense Stick will moisturise your chapped lips effectively and in no time. The powerful blend of Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E formula and Bisabolol is the dynamic trio that will make this lip balm your favourite. Jojoba Oil is known for its intensive care, the Vitamin E formula is crucial in free radical protection, while the Bisabolol soothe and regenerate your lips.

Additionally, the Lip Defense Stick also has a high SPF that protects the delicate lip tissue from harmful UVA and UVB ray (I’m sure you know how painful lip sunburns can be).

Revitalizing Foot + Leg Cream

sebamed foot+leg cream

The skin on the feet may not be as thin or sensitive as the one on your hands, but it equally deserves your attention as it’s often prone to drying out. The hydrating complex in Sebamed’s Revitalising Foot + Leg Cream increases the moisture balance and strengthens the skin’s elasticity. This foot cream contains Hydrolyzed Keratin that assists in strengthening the toenails elasticity. The menthol gives the much needed cooling freshness.

The pH 5.5 will keep the natural barrier function of your skin’s acid mantle. You’ll love it because it’s not greasy and absorbs super-fast. This cream is especially suitable for tired and stressed feet.

Cracked Heel Balm


Cracked heels aren’t only unattractive, but they can also be very painful and may disrupt your walking. The Cracked Heel Balm contains Allantoin complex that provides dryness relief and protects your skin against calluses and cracks. When applied, it provides immediate dryness relief. The non-greasy formula penetrates fast into the skin and absorbs fast.