Thursday , April 18 2024

Drawer Knobs & Pulls: Refresh the Look of Your Home With the Right Hardware

There will come a time when you’ll want to replace the knobs or pulls of your cabinets and drawers. And functionality isn’t the only reason to invest in new knobs. This simple change can give your storage furniture and overall space an entirely fresh look.

It’s necessary to invest in the right hardware not only for the sake of aesthetics but for practical reasons as well. This may be a challenging task considering the vast selection out there. To help you with this home improvement project, here’s a list of all the things you should know when updating your drawers with brand new knobs and pulls.

Knobs vs Pulls

Before you choose your drawer hardware design, you should be sure whether you want a traditional knob or a pull mechanism. This is especially important because some people find it easier to use pulls, instead of knobs, and vice versa. There are no strict rules when choosing knobs or a pull or both. Some people prefer one over the other.

If you have a large door of your pantry (this includes trash pull-out and pull-out base pantries), then a pull would be a more convenient choice. Pulls are much more comfortable when it comes to opening a drawer. Your whole hand can grab the pull instead of only a few of your fingers. Drawers tend to be heavy once you put things inside, so using only your fingers might be difficult.

But, if your preference is knobs, then go for it. Knobs are more traditional compared to pulls. Plus, vertical kitchen cabinet doors are far easier to open with knobs as they are lighter than drawers and don’t require full effort for opening. Knobs may also be a more aesthetically appealing choice for smaller drawers. Today, you can find a variety of drawer hardware knobs. It’s essential that you pick the one that feels the most comfortable on your hands. Round knobs are easy for grabbing, while square ones offer a sleeker look.

vertical kitchen cabinet doors with knobs

Source: CliqStudios

Choosing the Correct Design

It’s important to coordinate the hardware design with the type of cabinetry that you plan on upgrading. When going through the range of drawer hardware knobs and pulls, look for models that closely match the aesthetics and design of your home. Your hardware doesn’t need to match all colours and designs, but they should at least be coordinated.

For instance, you can’t just pick vintage knobs for a contemporary kitchen with minimalist design. The same goes for more traditional cabinets and modern-looking knobs.

Besides design, quality should also be your top priority. You are going to use these knobs on a daily basis, so they shouldn’t break easily or be difficult to use. The knob should feel comfortable in your hand without any sharp parts.

It’s also important to note that there should be a coordination of hardware finishes, so the entire space looks balanced. In other words, all the hardware in a given room should have the same (or at least a similar) finish. That being said, it’s a smart idea to seek samples of various types of knobs and check how they would fit with the rest of the hardware in the space. Some manufacturers offer samples for a very low price.

Rely on a Template for Correct Installation

One way to make sure you install the cabinet hardware properly  is to use a handmade or manufactured template. Relying on a template can speed up the hardware installation process. And best of all, it keeps the area under control (where the hardware will be placed) and reduces the chances of drilling errors. Use the correct template, especially if you have to install a lot of pulls or knobs.

cabinet hardware instalation with template

Source: The Spruce

Handmade Template

You can create your template with just a piece of thin wood, cardboard, or cardstock. Get a utility knife, a ruler or measuring tape, a pencil, a small drill, and the suitable drill part. Use the template to indicate where the hole should be drawn, so you can accurately drill a hole for the placement of the knob. Use a level to make sure that the placement is even.

Manufactured Template

Using a manufactured template is even faster and you can order these conveniently online. Once you have the template, all you need to do is place it on the cabinet door or drawer in the spot where you want the knob to be installed. Mark the spots with your pencil and then drill a hole. Manufactured templates have a series of selected hole positions with precise measurements in between so you can accurately create the hole.

When installing the knobs, be careful not to get hurt. If it feels overwhelming, make sure you call a professional who would finish the job right.