Thursday , April 18 2024

Our Thoughts on the Huge Convenience of Self Watering Planters

It’s a sad fact that the urban areas are drastically expanding at the expense of the rural and suburban ones. As the skyscrapers are growing, so are our parks and gardens shrinking. At the moment, the only solution is to bring that missing greenery inside our homes. Unfortunately, city living has made many of us unequipped with the skills it takes to care for a living plant. Not to mention how our busy lifestyles simply do not allow the time to exercise our green thumbs.

But the fact that we live in an era of advanced innovations, means that for almost every task there is a solution that can simplify it. And in the case of taking care of plants, the solution can be found among the many functional stylish self watering planters for sale. Not only will they ensure your plants thrive beautifully, but you can also allow you to skip your watering chores. How neat!

Self-watering planers are basically regular pots enhanced with a built-in water reservoir which automatically provides your plants with all the moisture they need. Instead of having to water your plants every couple of days (if not daily), you will only need to fill the reservoir once a month (or twice, depending on its size). For those of you who have tight schedules or need to travel often for long periods of time, this can be a very easy and efficient solution to keep your plants alive without needing to task someone with watering them while you’re away.

The plant itself will also experience benefits from a self-watering pot. For one, these types of pots root growth. The water from the reservoir is transported up by a special wicking system that evenly disperses the moisture throughout the soil. This ensures that every part of the root gets enough water which is key to a stronger root system. A stronger root in turn, helps improve the overall health and resilience of the plant.

Finally, the look of your interior will benefit as well, as healthy, luscious plants are the best way to bring some life into a tired and dull space. Not to mention how self watering planters for sale come in stylish, modern design sure to complement any living space. These types of planters are also a very durable investment, as opposed to ceramic and plastic pots. Self-watering pots are designed to be hard-wearing, and are usually enhanced with a UV resistant top layer that ensure they look as beautiful as new for years to come. In addition, there are also BPA free models that can be the safest choice if you decide you want to grow some indoor veggies.