Thursday , April 18 2024

How to Say Oui to Authentic French Design, Mon Chéri

For most people France is the heart of elegance, romance, fashion and simply everything beautiful. French people don’t like to complicate their lives, so sticking to simplicity but at the same time keeping it all stylish could probably be their national motto. But can we copy them without making fools of ourselves? It’s popularly known that France is an incredibly confident nation, so these people aren’t afraid of being wrong and that can be felt even in their day-to-day lifestyle. Their impeccable interior designs, fruity pastels, fashionable dresses and Eden-like gardens brought a whole new level of sophistication and the whole world went crazy for it.

But here’s a secret: You can give your home a French touch if you know where to look. Don’t let your location and the size of your home dictate your home style, because who says you can’t bring Paris at home even if you live in a small flat in Sydney? With the variety of French furniture online stores in Australia, you can remodel your old interiors and bring in authentic and comfortable sofas, beds and other interesting accessories that will perfectly reflect France’s country spirit in your home. Probably the most important thing when looking for this kind of furniture, besides making sure it’s authentic, is to pay close attention to the use of materials and colors. French people like carefully selected materials and place a lot of emphasis on colours, so if you opt for this style make sure the manufacturer understands what French furniture really feels and looks like.

French Bedroom Furniture

French interior design is very easygoing – it brings together all the soft color palettes and greatest materials known to men and makes your home a perfect paradise of brightness and comfort. What makes this particular design and decor so special is the calmness it brings in a home, so contrary to the popular belief, the French interior is never over-styled, however, selecting carefully designed and unique pieces is of a paramount importance. Everything in French design must play a role and if it doesn’t, it has to be gorgeous and soothing to the eye.

To design a truly French evergreen interior, one has to create a balance between rustic and contemporary. The widely popular floral design accompanied with a pair of rattan chairs and pillows in lively colors is the image that first comes to mind when the words France and rustic come together in a sentence. Also, don’t forget the antiques! You can buy beautiful French furniture online, but make sure you find an antique shop where you can buy porcelain tea cups and plates to finish the authentic look.