Thursday , April 18 2024

How to Choose the Perfect Flooring for Your Home

It is the flooring that can really make an impact on the way your home looks. A beautiful new floor can transform any room and the right choice will perfectly complement your home style, no matter if it’s traditional or modern, rustic or contemporary.



Yes, flooring and re-flooring can be quite expensive home improvement jobs, but you don’t have to sacrifice style for cost. There are endless flooring options, including several popular materials like vinyl, laminate, carpeting and more, that are very affordable yet durable. With so many choices out there, you’ll easily find a colour and design to suit your home and still be within your budget.

Continue reading to arm yourself with information about all the different home flooring solutions available on the market.

Types of Flooring Materials

The material of your flooring is the most essential part of making the purchasing decision. Different rooms have different requirements for their floorings.


vinyl flooring


Vinyl is one of the most affordable and versatile home flooring solutions. It makes a great choice for high-traffic areas like the kitchen as it is durable and can be easily cleaned and maintained. Also, its plastic composition makes vinyl flooring a super choice for high-moisture areas like the bathroom as it isn’t affected by water. Vinyl is a pet-friendly flooring option and is pretty sound-absorbent, too.

Although vinyl is less popular than other materials due to its appearance, you can actually install it anywhere within your home, including the hallways. You can opt for waterproof vinyl flooring in the wet areas of your home if you want to err on the side of caution. And while vinyl is easy to install, it is quite difficult to remove, mainly because the wood, a common subfloor, is porous, hence absorbing the adhesives.




Laminate is the most budget-friendly option on the market. It makes a good flooring choice for high-traffic areas since it is quite a durable flooring with superior wear resistance. Though it may not be ad gorgeous, the laminate floor has a wood-like appearance. Being made of compressed fibreboard, it mimics the look of real hardwood, stone, or tiles. It emulates a clean and natural look, best suited for your living room or bedroom.

There are plenty of laminate designs on offer that are stain-resistant as well as easy to clean and maintain. Unlike vinyl, laminate can be easily removed. However, laminate flooring is not suitable for high-moisture or wet areas such as the bathroom and laundry area. Also, it is not soundproof.

Hardwood Timber



Hardwood or timber flooring is the ultimate residential flooring solution. With its timeless style, it suits all interior design styles and is suitable for all rooms excluding high-moisture areas. Hardwood is highly durable and is soundproof, too. It is quite stylish and you can get it in various wood types such as oak, cherry, or walnut.

When compared to the other materials, hardwood may be a little bit costly as well as requires professional installation. Also, it requires regular maintenance through sanding and refinishing, especially if you want to maintain its sheen and remove scratches. You can even throw some rugs for added comfort and hence protect your hardwood floor.

Other Flooring Alternatives


carpet flooring


Carpeting is cost-effective, versatile and durable home flooring and that’s why it is among among the favourite options for many homeowners. It is stylish, provides comfort by being soft and warm on the feet. Carpets make a great flooring choice for communal and resting areas such as the living rooms or bedrooms. Carpeting is easy to maintain and it has good sound and heat insulation too. It can be prone to stains and water damage, though.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

Porcelain and ceramic tile flooring are beautiful flooring options for high-traffic and moisture-prone areas in the home. They come in a variety of looks and designs so you can easily find the best tile for your kitchen, bathroom or entryway. Ceramic and porcelain tiles have density and durability, are hard-wearing as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Natural Stone Tile

Natural Stone Tile flooring


Natural stone tile is a classic flooring option, best suitable for homes with kids and/or pets. It comes in many styles, colours and shapes. It includes granite, marble, travertine and sandstone. These materials are durable and eco-friendly too.

Things to Consider

Choosing the right type of flooring for your home can be quite a daunting task and it is far more complicated than just finding the best-looking product. There are several other factors that should be taken into consideration and which can greatly influence your final decision. Factors like budget, functionality, style, moisture and durability to name a few. So, ask yourself the following questions

¾   Are you on a budget? Know what you can afford.

¾   Do you have kids and/or pets? Consider your family situation.

¾   Do you want to install the flooring yourself? Think about installation requirements.

¾   Do you need low-maintenance flooring that’s easy to clean? Consider maintenance.

¾   Do you require soundproofing? Contemplate sound insulation.