Thursday , April 18 2024

How Lay Flat Hoses Can Render Irrigation Easier

Large scale irrigation involves transporting water over long distances. Clay or cement canals are very costly, cannot elevate water and are inflexible. Polypropylene hoses are relatively expensive, so farmers have resorted to using plastic ones, also known as lay-flat hoses (flat when not in use).

Typically manufactured of PVC, lay flat hoses are a relatively cheap solution to irrigating crops and are often used for supplementary irrigation in the drier periods of rainy seasons. Because they are extremely flexible and offer a few advantages over other types, they’re commonly used in numerous industries including fire fighting, irrigation and chemical transfer.

Thanks to their flat design, they can be easily stored, and thanks to them being made from PVC, they can be easily transported. Their flexible nature allows them to be laid flat and manipulated into small places, which is ideal for transporting them from one place to another. A lot of people who have seen a firefighting truck have likely seen a lay flat hose attached to it, but as aforementioned, they’re also popularly used for crop irrigation by farmers. If used for irrigation, another major benefit is that they don’t occupy valuable farmland like a channel would, instead they can be put away as needed.

Furthermore, they’re braided or composed, woven or spun reinforcements, combined with a fused outer and inner wall and are highly resistant to corrosion. Most reducing and oxidising agents have little to no effect on them, meaning that a lay flat hose lasts longer, giving you the best pocket value. This also makes them incredibly good for transferring chemicals.

Not only do they offer extremely good value for money, they can be put to various different uses (attached to firetrucks, for example). They’re great for fighting firings and can perform equally well in cleaning up a flood area when used in combination with water pumps. As the pump sucks up water, the hose discharges it into an area safe from the flood. Lever lock couplings can also be used to join together multiple hoses together to increase the distance from flood area to the safe area.

Moreover, they can be used in fracking when large quantities of water need to be transported over uneven and rough ground. They offer easy handling, unlike pipe systems and are usually the first choice for water contractors. Another popular application for lay flat hoses is garden. Their lightweight allows them to be used on daily basis.