Monday , May 20 2024

How Can We Protect Our Outdoor Furniture from the Elements

Being able to enjoy the sunny days and warm afternoons in your new outdoor oasis together with your friends and family is a dream come true for many of us, if not all, and it can be really hard to imagine anything but sunny days once you have purchased your new dreamy furniture. Be it wicker, wood, or metal construction, the outdoor furniture along with a few décor touch ups such as installing fancy lanterns, placing throw pillows, blankets and candles is what will creates a cosy and relaxing outdoor atmosphere.

outdoor lounge covers

But let’s stop here. No matter how appealing and perfect all this may seem to you, the reality is different. You’ll have to be prepared for those awful days when the sun just won’t come out. These are the days when you will need to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements if you want them to last longer. Thus, if you want to continue creating and collecting great memories outdoors, enjoying your fancy furniture, you need to consider the following tips.

Cover It Up

There’s no doubt that the smartest and easiest way to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements is with cover. And you don’t have to worry about the shape, material, or size of your furniture, as these days it is pretty easy to find the right ones. There’s no doubt that outdoor lounge covers are a really good investment, in fact, they are the key to having a long-lasting and sturdy outdoor lounge that won’t break after a year or so. When it comes to the outdoor lounge covers material, make sure you choose a waterproof and UV absorbing material like PVC as to add years to the lifespan of your outdoor furniture.

outdoor lounge cover

Move It Indoors

Besides covering it up, the second best thing you can do for your furniture is to move it indoors during winter months. If you have some free space in your garage or basement, do not hesitate and store it there along with the cover so that it’s protected from dust. In case you don’t have enough space, make sure to at least keep the cushions and pillows inside, regardless of their type of material.

Weather & Stain – Proof It

The last option you have is to manually prepare your furniture for winter. In case you can’t afford outdoor covers, make sure you find the right way to maintain and protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. This can be usually achieved by cleaning the furniture and applying a good layer of wax or any other protective products.

Knowing your outdoor furniture’s material will help you understand which is the best way to protect it. However, as aforementioned, the best to do that is to cover it up and store everything inside.