Thursday , April 18 2024

Health and Environment Benefits of Organic Bedding

Living healthy has never been as trendy as it is nowadays. We are bombarded by celebrities talking about their personal diet plans and giving us weight loss advice. When I log in on Instagram, my home page is full of pictures with protein shakes and fruit salads with a description full of hashtags saying #goals, #livewell, #organic, #natural. Suddenly, it seems like everyone has become more conscious about what their bodies come in contact with everyday. And if you have already adopted the healthy organic lifestyle, don’t do it only halfway. Besides taking care of what you feed your body with, you should also strive to create an organic sleeping environment as this has a great number of health benefits as well. Introducing – organic bedding.

Organic bedding has originated as an alternative to the old synthetic bedding materials we have mostly used thus far. I’m sad to break it to you, but that brightly coloured synthetic blanket you bought at quite an attractive price can make you sick. Why not make the healthier choice and go for natural organic blankets?


Sleeping in organic bedding will also help you sleep better. Bamboo, organic cotton and woolbamboo Blankets are known to have thermoregulating abilities, meaning, they adapt to your body temperature. Pillows, sheets, blankets and duvets made out of these materials can eliminate excessive sweating during particularly hot nights, but will also keep you warm and cosy when the temperatures drop.

Moreover, bamboo is known as a hypoallergenic material. While people may suffer from allergies related to synthetic materials, this is not the case with bamboo. Actually, bamboo is the recommended bedding material that can help alleviate many skin allergies and irritations like eczema. Plus, bamboo and other natural fabrics are pest-resistant. Sure, in nature cotton and bamboo might get attacked by locust, but when woven into sheets and pillow covers they create a tight structure which does not allow for any bedbugs to feast on, unlike synthetic fibres.

But besides for taking care of your health, bedding made out of natural materials is also good for the health of Earth. They reduce the carbon emissions which are a result of the manufacturing of synthetic fibres and also reduce the need for pesticides which pollute the air. Moreover, these products are completely recyclable. And don’t worry, your organic blankets are not promoting deforestation. Bamboo trees and other sources of natural fabrics are fast growing and incredibly sustainable. Plus, having a industry developed for bamboo products means that there will be a greater number of plantations with these trees. Consequently, a bigger number of trees equals a cleaner air.