Saturday , May 18 2024

Frank Green Bottles: Where Style Meets Sustainability

If you struggle to drink the daily recommended eight glasses of water, getting yourself a reusable water bottle is a great place to start. Even if you’re a person who’s always on the go, you can always be sure to have water on hand with these reliable hydration companions.

Furthermore, Australians buy about 15 billion plastic bottles every year, many of which end up in landfills or our rivers. Three litres of water and 250 ml of oil are also required to make one litre of bottled water. That makes buying bottled water expensive for us and our planet.

Many people who used to drink bottled water all the time have stopped doing that once they discovered reusable water bottles. However, you must find one you’d like to avoid plastic water bottles entirely. Here’s why so many Aussies love the exquisite Frank Green bottle line and how to buy one you’ll adore.

Are Reusable Water Bottles Good for You?

Reusable water bottle


Reusable bottles can help you and the planet. Here are only three reasons out of many why that’s so.

They Help Reduce Plastic Waste

Every year, people produce billions of plastic bottles yet recycle only a tiny amount of the waste. Reusable plastic waste can only be recycled many times before the fibres break down. Plastic bottles contaminate soil, leach chemicals, and kill wildlife when ending up in landfills or the ocean.

They Help Improve Your Overall Health

Carrying a reusable water bottle in your bag will allow you to stay hydrated without having to search for a store or vending machine and pay for it each time you’re thirsty. Drinking enough water can improve your attention and digestion, reduce headaches, clear your skin, hasten muscle recovery, and many other aspects of your physical and mental well-being.

Water Tastes Better in Glass or Stainless Steel

Reusable or not, bacteria and unpleasant odours build up within a plastic bottle because hot water doesn’t wash them away. However, you can thoroughly clean your bottle using dish soap and boiling water to wash food-grade stainless steel. Additionally, you don’t taste anything metallic in your water because premium stainless steel resists rust and corrosion.

Why Are Frank Green Bottles So Popular?

Frank green water bottle


There’s an excellent reason why Frank Green’s reusable water bottles and glasses are so well-liked. Regarding mobility, insulation, and durability, they’re unmatched by any other cup or water bottle.

Frank Green is an Australian brand that has gained popularity among the nation’s young, stylish, and well-hydrated population. The brand’s water bottles and mugs, decorated with its iconic emblem, are essential items that have gone viral on TikTok. There isn’t a Frank Green behind the brand, that’s for sure. The sustainability mindset of the company, “being Frank about living Green,” is where the Frank Green name originates.

Frank Green has created an award-winning line of reusable water bottles and coffee cups that are both stylish and sustainable, addressing the significant and rapidly expanding problem of single-use coffee cups and disposable plastics. Their mission from the beginning was to improve environmental sustainability in Melbourne, the “coffee capital of the world.”

The brand has won numerous honours in design, business, and environmental ideals. Without question, they’re quickly rising to the top of the reusable cup market in Australia and around the globe. The Frank Green water bottles are available in heaps of colours and various dimensions, starting from 350 ml and up to 2 litres. Some options have a standard lid, and some employ straw and straw lids.

5 Accessories to Jazz Up Your Bottle

Whatever Frank Green bottle or cup you choose, the great thing is they also sell accessories so you can personalise your experience. Here are five of them.

1. Avoid Dings with Bottle Bumper Guards

Your bottle doesn’t have to bump into objects, even though you might! Slide the Bottle Bumper Guard onto the base to protect your bottle from dents and scratches. You can choose from eight brand colours for the highest level of uniqueness. Play with pastels, add a splash of neon, or pair it with a neutral colour. Additionally, if your bottle becomes lost, you can easily follow its location thanks to a slot specially designed for an Apple AirTag® or Tile®.

2. Carrying Made Easy with a Reusable Strap

You can repair the essential parts of your Frank Green Reusable, such as the straws, rather than purchasing a new product entirely if something breaks or gets lost. Parts are available individually in every colourway, making it simple to replace your old ones and match them back to your bottle. Desire a fresh splash of colour for your bottle? Customise to your heart’s desire and experiment with various colour combinations for the base and lid.

3. Sip on the Road With a Car Cup Holder Expander

You won’t have to hold your cup or bottle between turns anymore! Your 1L ceramic reusable bottle is safe with the Car Cup Holder Expander, so your emotional support companion won’t be moving! It’s designed to fit car cup holders and comes in six recognisable colours that you can mix and match to match your bottle. How wonderful!

4. Upgrade to a Flip Straw Lid for One-handed Hydration

The Flip Straw Lid is the best option for touch-free, one-handed hydration whether you work out in the yard, go to the gym or visit the nail salon. Only slide the button to flip up the silicone mouthpiece! It’s a simple method to satisfy your thirst for water anytime, wherever. Suitable for all bottle collections, you can choose from several hues to match your mood and style.

5. Sip Quickly with the Button Lid

Add some flair to your Frank Green reusable bottle with the Button Lid. With its innovative one-handed push button design, this multi-award winning Button Lid allows you to open it for drinking and shut it without letting any spills show. Upgrading to a mix-and-match water bottle will enhance your drinking experience in a different hue if your lid has been lost or broken. Now, that’s a vibe!