Saturday , May 28 2022

Dine-in Style: 3 Tips on How to Style Your Dining Room Table

We’ve been social distancing and quarantining for a while now. And now, with things going back to normal, it’s finally time to gather our friends and families for some catching up and bonding over a meal or a party. However, when it comes to preparing for any social gathering, whether it’s organising or setting the table, we seem to be a little rusty. This is normal and understandable. How to get back in the groove without having a panic attack?

Taking baby steps can help. To begin with, you don’t have to throw a full-house party. Start small by inviting your closest family and friends for an intimate dinner. And when everything goes smooth, you’ll feel encouraged to do more. But how to ensure the success of such a dinner?

One way is to style and dress your dining table the best way possible. Not only will it make a perfect base for displaying your cooked goods, but it will also create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Dressing the dining table will show your dearest ones you care very much about them being your guests. Spoiler alert: you may like it so much that it’ll become your everyday practice for creating memorable dining experiences. What do you use to decorate a dining table? Whether it’s in the dining room or outdoors, here are three tips on how to style your dining table in a simple, yet fashionable way.

Set the Base with Table Linen

floral kitchen table linen


Table linen consists of woven or knitted fabrics, such as tablecloths, runners, placemats and napkins. Introducing table linens to your dining table is the ultimate way to protect it from scratches and candle burns, but also to add on visual aesthetics. It also cancels noise from the plates and glasses being put on and off the table. How can you style your table using dining tablecloths and other table linen? Here are some tips.

Start with a Tablecloth

There are different kinds of tablecloths, regarding the material they’re made of and their shape. The ones made of natural materials, such as cotton, are soft to touch. They’re easy to care for, as cotton is a machine washable fabric that can withstand high water temperatures. By choosing a cotton tablecloth, you can focus on creating memories instead of worrying about spills. Who could think that styling your table can also bring you peace of mind?

When deciding on a tablecloth for your table, consider its shape and size, as there are round and rectangular table cloths in different sizes available. 6 seaters’ usual dimension are 150 x 240cm, while an 8-10 seater will be 150 x 320cm. Whether buying it in-store or online, make sure you have your table’s dimensions.

Last but not least, decide on the design. Going for a plain white table cloth can create an excellent base to pull out any minimalistic or traditional look. If you already have a bright coloured home look, a fruit print like lemons and pears will make a great complement. Strips and patterns can be easily mixed and matched with other table linens for a stylish table look.

Mix and Match

Dressing your table using different linens can make for a fascinating look. Try different things to see how you like it before making the big premiere. For example, you can use a table cloth and differently folded napkins in similar or contrasting designs. Pastels like pink and mint complement a creamy neutral look. Try how you like the table more: with a table cloth, a runner, or both? Some people like the tabletop uncovered, with a table skirt around it. And some like it fully covered, with all the extras on.

Introduce a Centrepiece

Fresh greenery and candle kitchen table centerpiece


If table linens set the base for styling a table, then centrepieces set its tone and theme. Table centrepieces are the first thing guests see when invited to the table. We put them in the middle of the table and arrange the rest of the table around them. What are some centrepiece ideas?

Get Creative!

Anything can serve as a table centrepiece. It can be a floral display, tree branches or seasonal fruit and veggies. Candles, lanterns and sticks are perfect for setting the mood. You can use a plant you already have or create a display, especially for the occasion. Feel free to use your imagination, and don’t be afraid to go big or go bold. Just make sure you leave room for the rest of the items.

Use a Vase

If you are a person that wants your table clean and neat, you’re probably afraid of the idea of a centrepiece making it messy for you. Using a vase can be a simple solution to this problem. It can also make the table more decorative and complement the whole setup. There’s a variety of vases to choose from: glass, wooden, ceramic, clay – whatever works for you and your style. You can use a tall one and elevate the centrepiece, so it doesn’t get in your way. Or, use a smaller one, but broader. The choice is all yours!

Improvise with Tableware

stylish tableware


There’s a big difference between setting up a formal dining table and a casual one. This doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. However, there’s plenty of room for improvising to your taste and preferences. Don’t be afraid to pull out your fancy china. Or, you can even make your dinner an excuse to buy a new dinnerware set. Set up your cutlery well, meaning in the order of use: Start from the outside and work inwards. Place the forks on the left of the place setting, knives on the right, next to spoons and dessert spoons/forks. Don’t forget about the glassware. Fold your napkins in a fancy way.

Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun! If something goes wrong, or not as you expected, open the bottle of wine a little earlier. No one will notice anything, and you won’t care enough to let anything ruin the good mood.