Thursday , April 18 2024

Design-Forward Wicker Outdoor Furniture Setting: Enjoy the Outdoors in Style

One of the most important functional and decorative parts of every home is the furniture. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, aesthetics, functionality, and comfort are major factors. But when it comes to outdoor furniture, it also has to meet additional qualifications in order to be suitable for an outdoor use and to make the time you and your family spend outdoors an enjoyable experience.

Wicker furniture has been around for many years and has been always considered a practical, aesthetic and durable option for any outdoor furniture setting. However, it wasn’t until the introduction of synthetic wicker furniture that it exploded in popularity.

Whether it’s in the garden, by the swimming pool, or on the porch, wicker furniture offers a number of benefits which make it the number one choice for almost any outdoor furniture setting.
Out of the many reasons to why you should consider getting your own wicker furniture I have chosen the following few that I find to be the most important.

  • Wicker furniture is a very stylish choice. Its characteristic woven patterns really stand out and present a sense of comfort. There is a wide range of styles and designs and on top of that, you can add your personal touch by mixing and matching cushions that best reflect you and your personality.
  • Another benefit of wicker furniture is that it requires a minimal amount of maintenance. All it takes to clean it up is a garden hose. You will be surprised how quickly it dries out. Occasionally, if it gets excessively dirty, you can wipe it down with a wet cloth and some dish-washing soap and you can just throw the cushion covers in the washing machine.
  • Probably the most important feature of wicker furniture is how durable it is. It is made from an aluminum tube frame and high-quality PE rattan wicker which makes it 100% waterproof and resistant to all kinds of weather. This means you don’t have to worry where you’ll store it as it will keep its shape and colour for decades to come.
  • The think that what I personally love most about wicker furniture is how practical it is since it’s very light-weight. You can move it around and rearrange it however you want, depending on your needs. Most wicker furniture comes in shapes that are specifically designed so that you can easily stack them so they take up minimal storage space.