Saturday , May 28 2022

Contemporary Gardening: Self Watering Planters Guide

There is nothing as stunning as nature, and nothing else can make your place more beautiful than bringing and taking care of small pieces of nature in your home or your outdoor area. However, with our fast way of life, as well as the many distractions around us, for some of us, it may be difficult to take care of plants that need more care than an easy-care plant like a cactus. And, while cacti are lovely and can also do wonders for your home decor if you want other plants in your home, you should look at modern self watering planters.

Having beautiful plants in your home isn’t only good for your home decor and the aesthetical value of your home. Much more importantly, it has been proven by many researchers that plants offer us many benefits, for our bodies, for our minds, for our emotional state, etc. So, if you are someone who never seems to be able to keep a plant alive, or you simply want to have a nice urban garden, you should buy a modern white planter that will help you keep your plants healthy and thriving.

These self-watering modern planters also look great and are made in minimalistic designs, which means that they go well with many different decorating styles. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, but if you use them outdoors, you’d have to keep them in a place where they are protected by the rain.

Modern Planters That Keep Your Plants Healthy for You

selfwatering planter getting refilled with water


Using self-watering planters is one of the most convenient ways to have a simple, sustainable urban garden in your home. They are a user-friendly version of containers or pots for plants and flowers. You can think of them as a simple hack to a successful home garden. Because many people lack the discipline needed to keep a plant alive and healthy, and many lack the knowledge about the needs of different plants, these outdoor and indoor modern planters can give them the opportunity to keep their plants in good shape.

So, a self-watering modern planter is very practical and good both for you and for your plants. The plants will be protected from drowning and rotting, and they can be continuously fed and provided with nutrients. And all you’ll need to do is fill up the reservoir with water, and check the water levels from time to time to see if the water tank needs refilling. In other words, nice modern plant pots are a great opportunity for you to have houseplants and keep them happy and healthy easily with minimal care, without worrying about killing them or over or underwatering them. It is an elegant solution for every contemporary home, and a modern white planter can double perfectly as a stunning decorative element, providing a nice backdrop for your beautiful healthy plant.

Simple and Elegant Plants Watering Solution

self watering planter


Typically, self-watering pots are made of two plastic pots – inner and outer one, joined by a wick. Even though they look similar to traditional pots for soil and plants, the main difference is that they have a reservoir, called a water storage tank. When you fill the tank with enough water, the plant can then pull up the amount of water it needs to stay healthy. Usually, the reservoir can hold enough water for the plant to be watered for a week or so.

Furthermore, these urban garden planters are designed to not hold more water than needed, so that the plant doesn’t rot or catch mould. This feature is called an overflow hole. So, in essence, self-watering planters guarantee that your plants stay happy and healthy, by receiving as much or as little nutrients as they need.

With this type of planters the plants absorb the water from the soil through the roots from the bottom, whereas with conventional pots, they get the water from above. This also protects them from rotting and allows for the plants to get moisture evenly distributed everywhere. This method of water absorption – from the bottom up – also keeps your houseplants leaves dry, which helps them stay healthy, and protects them against developing fungal diseases.

selfwatering planters in garden


Create a Small Urban Garden at Home

There are many different plants that can thrive in these practical modern planters and pots, including succulents and decorative plants, responding incredibly well to this type of water absorption, but there are also some for which they aren’t the most suitable option, especially plants that need more moisture. Nevertheless, if you live in an urban area, you can also use self-watering planters to plant vegetables, herbs or spices, if you wish to create a small garden right at your home and have some fresh homegrown products regardless of where you live.

Some examples of plants that can grow and stay healthy in a self-watering pot, with minimal care include

  • Perennials, like Hostas, Japanese Irises
  • Annual, like Lobelia, Snowy Meadowfoam
  • Houseplants and tropical plants, like Peace Lillies, African Violets, Orchids, plants from the Coleus foliage family, etc.
  • Vegetables and herbs, like cucumbers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, onions, garlic, cabbage, radishes, spinach, basil, cilantro, mint, etc.