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Wishbone Wheeled Toys: Learning to Balance & Ride All-in-One

Playing is essential for children’s development, and the more active the game is, the more positive impacts it offers. And engaging toys and games that challenge them, mentally and physically, not only make their childhood even more fun, fulfilled and memorable, but they also prepare them for their teenage and adult life.

Wishbone Wheeled Toys


That being said, toys and accessories with wheels are very present and extremely important for young children. Kids can use toys on wheels, such as walkers, trikes, scooters, bikes, skateboards, not only as a great pastime but also as a way to feel more secure and confident while learning to walk or cycle. These types of fun toys help children develop balance, reflexes, motor skills, stability, coordination, fitness, muscle tone, stamina, etc.

What Are Wishbone Toys?

Unlike other wheeled toys that only serve a single purpose, like for instance children’s scooters, Wishbone are innovative assemble-and-transform-on-your-own multifunctional toys on wheels. The Wishbone bike, flip, ride-on toy and wagon are all easy to use, safe and beneficial for children’s development. They can be adjusted not only to suit the child’s height but also their skills, as they grow.

Types of Wishbone Toys

Wishbone Bikes

Designed by Wishbone Design Studio as a transformative and customisable learn-to-ride system, the Wishbone kids bike is an award-winning innovative product for kids from ages 1 to 6. It’s adjustable for different heights, and it’s a 3 in 1 toy, providing children with a walking aid and tricycle in addition to the bike. This way, children can learn faster how to walk, run and ride.

This type of bike comes with easily removable thirds wheel, for when children become braver and ready to easily learn to balance on their own. You can find the Wishbone bike at stores selling educational toys.

Wishbone Bike


Wishbone Flip

Wishbone Flip is a wheeled toy design for kids from 9 months to 2.5 years. It’s an incredibly versatile toy which can be used as either a rocker, a ride-on or a roller. It can be transformed within seconds into whatever you want it to be thanks to its innovative flipping mechanism. According to their age, the children can easily and safely use this toy for rocking, walking, riding or spinning.

Wishbone Wagon

Featuring a push and pull handle, a steering wheel that works, dual handbrake and a floor hatch, the Wishbone Wagon is a classic wagon for toddlers. Kids from age 2 to 5 can use it as a soapbox racer, and older children can use it as a foot to floor ride on.

Wishbone Wagon


Reasons to Choose Wishbone Products

Wishbone products can help your child find their balance and develop their motor skills and they teach them independence, similarly to many other quality wheeled toys, like inline skates. However, Wishbone toys are different than most standard wheeled toys as they can teach children about engineering by watching you how you assemble and reassemble them, about repairment, waste management, sharing etc. Here are some reasons you would want to get such a toy for your child.

They Are Designed to Transform into Different Types of Wheeled Toys

Wishbone toys come in three of different designs, Wishbone Bike, Wishbone Flip with their several variants, and the Wishbone Wagon. They all feature parts that can be assembled to form toys with different purposes, and they can all be adjusted to different heights to fit the child in the different stages of their growth.

Your Kid Can Use Them for Years and Then Pass Them On

Because Wishbone toys are so highly adjustable, as well as multi-functional, your child can use them in different ways as they develop and grow. Furthermore, being made from strong materials, namely wood and recycled plastic, they are also durable and long-lasting. And what’s more, a Wishbone ride on, bike or flip can be easily repaired.

You Can Customise Them to Your Child’s Taste

Besides coming in many different colours, you can find beautiful accessories to customise your child’s Wishbone ride on or bike. You can change it as they grow and as they learn to express their preferences, or you can refresh them for your younger kid or to pass them on to a loved one’s child.

Wishbone Wheeled Toys


They Are Safe for Your Child

Wishbone toys are made entirely with non-toxic materials, finishes and glues. They are made from wood, birch and plywood, or recycled plastic. All of this makes Wishbone product very stable and sturdy and completely safe for children use, on top of being highly useful and beneficial for their development.

They Are Environmentally-Friendly Toys

One of the biggest advantages of owning a Wishbone wheeled toy, is that these designs generate less waste. The toy industry has a huge impact on plastic waste, as well as pollution. People buy hundreds of small and big toys for their kids, and they are mostly thrown away on top of the pile of the waste suffocating our planet.

Wishbone products are made to last. They are produced with durable, reliable materials. What’s more, their adjustability and transformability render buying separate toys unnecessary. For instance, with a Whishbone flip, you can get a rocker, roller and ride on – all in one.

Being so easily repairable, there is no reason for throwing away Wishbone products. They can be passed on to other kids, with very small repairs, and used for many years to come. This is great news considering how second-hand use of any product is one of the best ways to protect the environment.