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Chukkas for Men: The Beauty of Simplicity

Any contemporary fashionable man should have at least one pair of chukka boots in their closet. Chukkas are an ideal footwear option for many different types of outfits. For many, they are the perfect finishing touch to a casual look. Nevertheless, they can also just as easily be used to dress up in smart outfits, business casual, or with some creativity, and if they are chosen well, they can be worn for more formal occasions. Men chukka boots are incredibly versatile, so there is a pair for any taste.

What Are Chukka Boots?

Chukka boots are ankle-length boot, with thin laces and typically with two or three eyelets. They are a classic footwear style, which is typically made from leather or suede and in a brown hue. These boots are essentially a type of chukka boots, but they are more casual. So, whether you are looking for some shortcuts to become a fashionable man, or you already are one, you should purchase a pair of men’s leather chukkas to advance your style in many different ways.

mens chukka leather boots


Sometimes chukka boots are confused with the so-called desert boots, because they look quite similar, but also because a desert boot is basically a type of chukka boot. The main difference between the two styles of boots is in the sole, with the desert boots featuring a crepe rubber sole.

How to Wear Chukka Boots?

The easiest way to wear chukkas is on casual occasions because they look great with jeans – regardless of the style. They also look good with almost any top or jacket you can think about. So, if it’s your first time owning a pair, the only thing you need to do is find your own personal way to use them, so that they start looking and feeling like you. Pair them with blue, black or even white jeans and a white t-shirt or any other t-shirt you like, a cardigan, a sweater for a cool relaxed style, or go for a button-down.

Chukkas can look great with white or neutral colours shirts, but they can also look perfect with a casual top, like a denim shirt or a flannel shirt. For a smart-casual style, you should try selecting more elegant pieces of clothes, and add a casual shirt, or some cool accessory, like a pair of sunglasses or a fun hat.

nice dressed men wearing chukkas


Because of how they are shaped, men’s chukka shoes are a great addition to a fashionable so-called business casual outfit, like when you are going to work, for instance. You can wear them with a nice blazer, cardigan or a sharp sweater, and a pair of chinos or trousers, for example. You can combine your chukka boots with a pair of darker jeans or a pair of well-fitted chinos, and a fashionable blazer, for a smart, clean look for the office.

How to Choose the Right pair of Chukka Boots?

Every time you decide to invest in shoes, you should think about quality, durability and comfort. And for shoes, as well as some important accessories for men, like men’s wallets, most frequently this means go for leather. Leather is breathable and water-resistant, which is one of the main reasons why it’s a favourite for footwear. It’s also very resilient. All of this makes it durable and comfortable, but more than that, unlike any other material, leather improves over time.

In other words, with a pair of men’s leather chukkas not only can you enjoy the versatility this type of boot offers, but also all the benefits of leather shoes. They can last you for a long time while offering you an endless number of cool outfits for many different occasions. And because leather is timeless, this doesn’t only encompass casual situations, but also some more formal ones. Make sure you choose a simple classic leather chukka boot, to allow easier styling and matching outfits.


Suede chukka boots are also an incredibly stylish footwear option for men. They are the perfect addition for people who love fashion and dressing casually. So, with so many ways you can match chukkas, it’s not difficult to find a pair that you’ll like if you want to buy a suede pair. However, unlike leather, suede boots are more difficult to keep clean and don’t fare well on snowy or rainy weather.

Regardless of whether you decide to go for a pair of leather or suede chukkas, or even a pair with an upper made of some other material, to take as much advantage of your shoes as you can, you should try to choose a colour or a shade that will be easy to match. The most popular choices of chukkas for men come in earth tones, such as tan, beige, sand, brown, grey, as well as navy or black. Furthermore, make sure that you get the right fit, as well as buy from a good manufacturer, to ensure comfort.