Wednesday , June 29 2022

Clothing Racks: Versatile Pieces You Never Knew You Needed

Let’s face it, we do live in an era of consumerism. Even if you don’t think you’re the sort of person who loves going on shopping sprees, there are certain items you simply can’t refrain from buying; mind you, I’m not referring to the essentials here. Same as most girls, I was (and still am…) guilty of going in a state of frenzy over clothes.

And this started back in the days when there weren’t any social networks like Facebook or Instagram where I could show off all of my lovely outfits. This hasn’t changed today either, so being in love with piles of clothes, and buying them, is a strictly personal thing. If you want to imagine what my wardrobe looked like as soon as this habit began, just think of Carrie Bradshaw and her shoe collections.

As you might guess, before I knew it, my home, which is a studio apartment, was turning into a mess and not just mess that you can see, but hidden mess too. The worst of all was I didn’t seem to mind it, until I got more things than my apartment could bear. Ever since, I have a special connection with clothing racks. Since my space couldn’t afford for more hangers, nor the proper area for drying clothes and sheets, I found racks to be versatile in providing both options.

They’ve helped me organise my apartment, and in a way my life since now I have more appreciation for minimalists than hoarders and clutter, so I really have high opinion of these items. Apart from their functional role, they do have a stylish one as well. Did you know there are so many ways you can spice up your interior just with the addition of a clothing rack? I couldn’t believe it before I tried it, and I’m now amazed by it!

If you do a bit of search, you’d come across a variety of clothing racks, all differing in size, design, and materials to satisfy your needs and taste. There are those you can use both as a clothes dryer, and as a hanger, with rods designed to rid you of annoying ironing, and still have plenty of room to store all of your clothing and accessories, as well as add a bit of decoration here and there (in the form of small pots with succulents, ribbons, or Christmas lights, for instance).

There are racks made of wood, and others made of metal. Then there are those that you can hang, like the beautiful ones I’ve fallen in love with featuring harness leather belts, and the free standing option, evoking the old world charm, that you can place just about anywhere in any room you see fit (in your hall for coats, scarves, and hats, in the bathroom or kitchen for towels, or in the bedroom for clothes, and sheets), and that’s what I love about them.

If you feel like your home (and your life) could do with a bit of organising and stylishness, get on the quest for the ideal clothing rack, and prepare to be amazed.