Thursday , February 25 2021

Bariatric Aids and Equipment: Get Your Hope and Independence Back

We can’t deny the modern way of life has brought us many advantages we couldn’t even imagine. How cool is it to be able to be in touch with people, do shopping, pay bills, read books and all sorts of information within a simple click of a button? Then again, we also can’t deny this sort of tech based lifestyle has turned most of us into couch potatoes. The lack of exercise, along with having the easy access to food deprived of nutrients (especially fast food), all adds to obesity.

Like it or not, the number of obese and overweight Australians, and worldwide for that matter, is constantly on the rise, yet somehow we’re still not getting the wakeup call necessary to prevent this life-threatening (and life-shortening) condition. Having the example in my very home with my mum, I know all the challenges and struggles overweight and obese people go through.

Not to mention those of their care-givers too; thank God for bariatric aids and equipment! Covering both safety and independence, these means were created for the specific requirements of individuals like my mum, with quality based on their heavy weight-bearing capacity.

Apart from the constant emotional pain because of bullying, and the shaming scornful looks from strangers, my mum also started getting less and less independent over the years, having me and my sisters as her helping hands. This included personal hygiene, feeding, changing clothes, going to bed and getting up, walking… Every aspect of life a person needs to function normally.

Though she’s gone through some successful diet changes much upon the persistence of the whole family, weight loss is a long process and would take her more time to get to the stage of a normal weight, especially in the emotional point of view, so she still requires help.

Luckily, today we can count on the various types of specialised bariatric aids and equipment, from shower chairs, and over toilet aids, to bath lifts, and wheel chairs, all designed for the purpose of making life more bearable for the obese and overweight individuals and their care-givers – I have to admit the burden has decreased. My mum is able to take care of her personal hygiene now, and gets to move easily (thus keeps up with her daily walks) with the help of her rollator.

The aids restored her hope and belief that she can win this battle, as she’s becoming more and more independent. She’s still far from reaching her goals, but we’ve managed to persuade her to do a bit of weightlifting as well, and the changes of diet are making their positive impact also, so no more hopelessness from now on!