Sunday , May 29 2022

Choose The Right Style Of Wallpaper For Baby Room To Create A Fun And Exciting Nursery

Time to decorate the nursery! Are you having trouble deciding which steps to take in your decorating path? Don’t worry, it is not that complicated because nowadays there are many ways to make decorating a fun and exciting experience and create the perfect heaven for your little bundle of joy.

Since the wallpaper trend is back in the decorating game and is here to stay for years to come, there is a variety of wallpaper for baby room designs to help you create a look of beauty which will never fade.


The great thing about wallpapers nowadays is, unlike those of previous centuries, they are easy to install and are more durable, depending on the material they are made of and depending on your preferences. As there is a myriad of different types available, you can even find those with washable properties so when your baby grows into a toddler and starts trying out drawing skills, you need not worry of having your wallpapers damaged as you can easily wash any drawing.


Paper wallpaper is known to be the least durable of all types of wallpaper. The designs are printed directly on the paper substrate and the wallpaper does not come with any kind of coating over it. Although some paper wallpaper may have a thin coating over the design to protect the ink from damage, it is just a thin coating. Hence, the paper wallpaper cannot be easily washed without being damaged.

Coated Fabric

This type of wallpaper has a fabric substrate and is coated with liquid PVC or acrylic vinyl, which make it a more durable option than paper wallpaper. In addition, coated fabric is the most breathable of all types of wallpaper. However, it does not work well in rooms that have a lot of moisture, and although it can be washed, a lot of scrubbing may lead to damage.

Vinyl Coated

Vinyl coated wallpaper has a paper substrate coated with acrylic vinyl. It can withstand moisture and grease, making it suitable for just about any room of the house, including the kitchen and bathroom. All of the marker and crayon spots can be easily washed off without causing any damage to the wallpaper.

Solid Vinyl

Unlike coated fabric wallpaper, solid vinyl wallpaper is coated with a vinyl film, which makes it the toughest type of wallpaper available. If you are looking for a durable wallpaper for baby room that can last several years, you should consider this option. With solid vinyl wallpaper, washing as much as necessary, will never be a problem.


You will probably spend more time choosing a theme, style or design for the wallpaper for your baby room than you will for choosing the fabric of the wallpaper. A great tip here is to choose something you really like, because your baby will certainly not pay attention to the décor of the room.

Bright Colours and Shapes

Babies can discern contrasting and bright colours, patterns and shapes. So, if you want to choose a wallpaper to benefit your baby, go for this type of design. Give preference to the main colours and stick with basic shapes rather than choosing busy designs. You should keep in mind that while bright colours and themes can be fun, they can also be too stimulating. A design that is too busy may give your baby sleep problems. A great option can be to put a bright and busy design on one wall and then choose a solid colour for the other three walls.

Cartoon Characters and Themes

When choosing a theme or cartoon characters for a nursery, you should consider something that is age appropriate. Moreover, considering a wallpaper that is strippable (easy to remove) will make it easy for you to change the wallpaper with a new favourite cartoon hero or heroine as your child grows.

Once you’ve selected the theme for your nursery, you can start searching and shopping for the wallpaper. Online shopping offers a larger selection of nursery wallpapers to choose from, including candy hearts and stars, pink elephants, aliens and monsters, robots and many more, so you will be able to find the wallpaper you need to create a nursery of your dreams.