Saturday , June 15 2024

Camping Toilets: Ensure Access to Basic Amenities So You Can Wild Camp Anywhere

OK, let’s uncover the elephant in the room: camping toilets – how do we keep that smell away?!
I mean, yes, we’re all human beings and no matter where we’re camping and for how long, the moment will eventually come and we’ll all be in a situation when we need to ‘go’. The earlier examples of a loo involved a lot of strong chemicals which were spreading a very unpleasant smell, and the mere procedure of emptying it was a horrible mess. However, since technology has advanced at a such fast pace, now there’s a very practical solution to the obnoxiously awful smell from a camping loo and the messy emptying nobody likes doing.


It’s called a camping potty cube and I can’t really make my mind about the right attribute for the looks of it, but I’ll just go with “surprisingly cute”. The camping potty is a small portable toilet which has nicely shaped curves and an integrated lid, a lot better blade handle system, a solid handle for the waste container along with a level indicator and a piston flush pump. When you picture it like this, it sounds like it’s a rather massive machinery that requires a lot of maintenance, but it really isn’t! It’s actually small, compact and cute. The biggest advantage this camping potty delivers, contrary to other models, is that the waste isn’t just sitting there like it would in an ordinary bucket. It’s carefully stored in the lower container, not being exposed at all. Plus, the fact that you can easily detach the upper from the lower part of the potty allows you to easily empty and clean the lower container without making a mess.

The next important part, which was the main point of discussion in this post in the first place, are the chemicals used in cleaning and maintaining the potty, as well as keeping it fresh by eliminating the bad smell. The type of chemicals you use depends on many factors. First, consider the type of potty and what the manufacturer says you should use. Here you’d have to choose between chemicals designed to treat only bacteria, other that serve to dissolve the waste material, and some that combine the two features. And then, there are the requirements of the site where you’d be placed: if the site’s rules ask for the use of environmentally-friendly chemicals, then that’s exactly what you need to get.

Moreover, there’s the part about fighting the smell. One way to get rid of the bad smell in your potty is to get portable deodorizer, which mainly comes in the form of a water soluble sachet. The important thing here is to choose something that disperses quickly in water and doesn’t clog any pipes, pumps of valves. That means you should avoid messy liquids and chalky tablets.

In conclusion, I think that these days it’s easy to take care of a portable toilet. That consequently brings more convenience for you, since you don’t have to neither wait in line for hours in the site’s bathrooms, nor “go” somewhere in nature.