Wednesday , June 29 2022

A Simple Guide to the Different Types of Dancing Tights

Whether you’re a ballerina, a contemporary dancer or a step dancer, you probably have a special drawer reserved for tights. There are many reasons for wearing tights when you’re a dancer. They absorb perspiration and prevent legs from being slippery, help with circulation and keep you warm without hindering the freedom of movement. Therefore, it goes without saying that tights are an essential part of a dancer’s dress code.


Since different dancers have different needs, there is a variety of dancing tights to choose from. But whatever your preferred style is, this simple guide can help you pick the right type from the many different dancing tights Australia stores offer.

Convertible Tights

The most versatile type of tights are the convertible tights. They have a small hole under the foot, allowing you to wear them like a standard tight or convert them into a footless tight by pulling the hole over your toes and heel. These tights are very convenient when you need to switch from one style to another in one session, like for instance from ballet to modern or jazz dance. Additionally, they allow ballet dancers to access their toes in order to add some extra padding before pointe work.

Capri Tights

The carpi tight ends mid-calf, leaving your lower leg and foot bare. They are usually worn by jazz dancers or contemporary dancers who need to dance barefoot but still like to have some coverage on the legs for warmth or protection against chafing.

Footless Tights

But if you want to be able to dance barefoot with your entire legs covered, footless tights are the ideal choice for you. They end with a clean seamless line at the ankle, almost being invisible to the audience. These tights are mostly used in contemporary dance and lyrical styles as well.

Stirrups Tights

Another type of dancing tights Australia dancewear stores sell is stirrup tights. Just like Capri and footless tights, they also allow you to dance somewhat barefoot. The stirrup tight covers the entire leg and ends in the form of a sling securing the arch of the foot while leaving the toes, heel and ball of the foot bare. As such they are popular in modern dance and aerobics as well.

Shimmer/Glossy Tights

Besides the usual matte materials, dancing tights can also have a shimmer or glossy finish. These types of tights are usually worn in theatrical performances and contemporary dance. Due to being made of silk-like materials, these tights have limited stretch and snag easily. For that reason, it’s usually useful to have an extra pair as a back up when performing.

Fishnet Tights

Tap, jazz, and cabaret dancers also wear fishnet tights for a more glamorous touch to the costume. They are usually worn over shimmer or matte tights in order to mask skin imperfections and keep the dancer warm. Unlike regular fishnets, professional fishnets are made of more durable materials for continual use.