Sunday , June 16 2024

What Makes a Good Bar Fridge for Your Alfresco Area

As Australians, our lives mostly take place outside. Whether it’s weekend camping trips with our RVs or barbecues, parties and lounging in our yards on pleasantly calm days, being outside is being in our natural habitat. That’s why alfresco kitchens are a common extension to Australian homes. And now with the warmer months ahead, it’s the perfect time to get your alfresco area ready for an ultimate outdoor wining and dining experience.

And this is where alfresco bar fridges come in because, let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than an ice cold drink on a hot summer day. Fitting a compact outdoor bar fridge into your alfresco counter can save you a lot of trips to the kitchen, and prove to be especially handy when hosting a large number of people. And add in the continuously dropping prices, it’s no wonder Australians buy thousands of alfresco bar fridges a year. But what exactly determines a good bar fridge for your outdoor area?

Capacity and Size

Outdoor fridges might seem smaller but are a lot more compact than the fridge plus freezer combos in indoor kitchens. How much capacity a fridge can have is usually determined by size. The smallest units come around 57 cm in width and 52 cm in height and can conveniently store 50 litres. There are also larger models, with two or three doors which can cool up to 120 litres.


The placement of the vents in a fridge determines whether the unit will be suitable for alfrescos. Many units come with vents in the back, however it’s important that your bar fridge is ventilated from the front. Front venting units can be fully built into the alfresco counter and still have an unobstructed access to draw in air needed for cooling.

Adjustable Shelving

Bottles come in as many different shapes and sizes as there are drinks in the world. Some will fit perfectly on the shelves, while others can be so big that you’ll need to place them crookedly. This makes keeping your stack of drinks organized very tricky. But split level shelving can make the task a lot easier. In such fridges, one section is designed for small soft drinks, another for beers, and a third for wines and champagne.

Noise Levels

All fridges make noise. However whether the sound will be perceived as noisy can vary from model to model. Most under counter alfresco bar fridges run between 49 and 55 decibels of noise. In comparison, domestic fridges create only around 36 decibels of actual noise. If it’s important for you that your unit is quiet, ask about a silent upgrade. Many stores selling bar fridges will be happy to install it to your purchase for a discount.