Saturday , May 28 2022

Wall Art: A Cool Blue Hue Can Give Your Space Polish & Character

Even a small detail in a well-chosen colour can transform a monochromatic room with a dull look. Perhaps your living room is all white or all grey and you have no idea which colour could work as the ‘it’ option. You may even think that any striking colour could make a difference in a room that has one or two colours, and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong! But the truth is, if you want to create a space that’s in line with the latest trends, there are some hues that work better than others.

Just like in fashion, interior design has its own “it” colour palette which changes each year. And lately, blue hues have taken the throne and are boldly governing the interior design world. But, not many people are ready to add a blue armchair or a blue sofa. This would be a very bold step and many people fear that this trend will be irrelevant in a couple of years, so they will have to deal with a big blue piece of furniture. And that’s smart thinking. Instead of heading for expensive furniture how about adding blue decor in the form of art prints? It doesn’t matter which room we’re talking about, some blue wall art can add the freshness you didn’t know you need.

The Meaning of Blue

Blue art prints in a living room


As you already know every colour has its meaning. Any interior designer will tell you that colour can affect your mood, thinking and emotions. Our brains respond to different colours with various hormone response. This is why certain colours are widely used in hospitals or offices. The calming effect in a hospital, for example, can’t be achieved if the walls are painted in red.

For your home, it’s important to know that no matter how your brain reacts to certain colours, this reaction can be rewritten by memories and personal experiences. Blue for example is the colour associated with peace and is often used in bedrooms. It is found to soothe the activity of the brain and help you relax.

People love blue, it’s a colour that doesn’t make the eyes tired and is the colour of the sky. This is the colour of trust, loyalty, responsibility and honesty. When you use it at home in the form of stylish blue art prints, you can add this calmness and reduce stress. Many people believe that they have to paint an entire wall with this colour, but the truth is, even a single wall art piece can have this effect.

Since it’s a colour that reduces stress, being surrounded by blue is also found to help improve focus. So, if you add some blue wall art in your office, it will help to inspire a better work ethic and improve your productivity.

Using Wall Art to Create a Colourful Focal Point

Blue art prints as a focal point


Every room needs a focal point in the form of a striking design element such as a fireplace, a chandelier, an accent chair or a piece of art. The focal point is necessary to draw the eye onto it and give the room some dimension. And since blue art prints aren’t such a huge investment, they are a great way to provide a room with the much needed focal point. If you’re aren’t happy with the look in the future, you can simply replace the blue prints with different ones and it won’t cost you a lot.

You can get a single oversized piece or create a cluster of wall art and make a focal point. Just make sure to consider the size of the art print or prints to create a balanced look. You can add one large print and then surround it with several smaller prints. Or you can make a focal point with numerous smaller paintings. Since the base of the colour is blue, you can choose wall art with a similar theme (flowers, geometric shapes, still nature).

Family Rooms

Feel free to add some blue to jazz up your dining room, bedroom or living room. It will instantly become a ‘playful’ touch, especially if the walls are white, grey, beige or some darker hue. Choose a print with lovely scenery, still nature, a body act, or something abstract. You can even create a themed look for your home and incorporate blue wall art in every room; of course, the art will vary from room to room, but the colour blue will remain the main colour.

Kids’ Rooms

Blue is the colour of relaxation and calmness, so if you choose it for your kid’s room, you won’t make a mistake. The walls can be in any colour your child wants and you can then get various blue art prints depicting child-friendly themes such as birds and animals, a map of the world, their favourite cartoon. This way you won’t have to deal with re-painting once your child grows older. And also, some wall art pieces don’t just go out of style, they can look good even when the kid is older.