Thursday , April 18 2024

Tips on Creating a Basic Capsule Wardrobe for Kids on a Budget

The capsule wardrobe trend may sound a fancy thing for those who aren’t familiar with it, but it’s totally the opposite. It means having a few pieces of carefully selected clothes that are simple to mix and match. It’s common for parents to feel overwhelmed by their kid’s clothing that they seem to outgrow in 2 days. Aside from the endless laundry, there is also the expense of buying and maintaining that pile of clothes that you so eagerly bought, forgetting your little ones grow oh so fast.

Some kids may also feel overwhelmed when they have too many clothes. It makes it more complicated for them to decide what they want to wear when they have so many things they like. This explains why more and more parents are choosing to create a capsule wardrobe for their kids. It is more affordable to maintain, you save money by not buying tons of clothes, and it can significantly simplify the “getting dressed” routine.

Building a capsule wardrobe starts with keeping the things that you and your child like and giving the rest away. It should include a few essential items of clothing such as a kids t shirt, pants, dresses and shorts that can all be worn together and which will never go out of fashion. But besides fashionable, the clothes that make up your kiddo’s capsule wardrobe should also have a few other features.


Shopping for kids t shirt, pants, dresses, shorts, etc. should be easy and simple. That is why I suggest you pick a few reliable online stores and buy all the capsule items from the comfort of your home. Today you can find a great variety of options when it comes to kid clothes – there are many great brands that design stylish kids t shirt models, pants, skirts, and whatnot, making shopping for your little one heart-melting. Unless you have spare time to spend on ordering clothes from 4 different stores and shipping back what doesn’t fit your kid or the nerve to wrangle a small child in a dressing room to try on multiple different sizes and pieces of clothing, follow my suggestion.


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When buying capsule clothing, you should think about the entire lifespan of the piece. No matter how nice-looking a low-quality kids t shirt may be, chances are it won’t survive all those frequent washings. Therefore, your best bet is buying a few quality pieces of clothing instead of many cheap ones. This will ensure your kid’s clothes will stay in good condition and will be left in good enough condition to be passed to a younger sibling.


For your kids to feel comfortable in their clothes, they need to fit them well. Some parents have a hard time finding pants that fit their skinny children, while others are on the opposite team. But a good fit goes a long way when it comes to the comfort of your kids. It is also important for the clothes to be made of soft and cozy materials that you would want to wear yourself. Last but not least, comfortable clothes should promote independence and be suitable for active play. Kids t shirt made from soft and stretchy materials, like cotton, are easy to put on and comfy to wear. Bottoms with elastic waist make independent potty trips much easier.


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First, pick a neutral colour scheme. Pastels, brights, black, whatever – pick one and stick to it. The only rule of a simple kid’s capsule wardrobe is that all bottoms and tops should match each other. Everything needs to go with everything else. The easiest way to accomplish this is by staying within one colour scheme. Keep brights for summer and in the winter lean towards neutrals. Before you go shopping, make a list of the critical items that are missing in your child’s wardrobe. Try not to buy things that you don’t need – concentrate on getting only what he/she needs.

Final Thoughts

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Parents tend to assume that kids need a lot of clothes. After all, it’s easy for your kid’s clothes to end up stained, smeared with glitter glue, and ripped from sliding on concrete or dirt on a daily basis. This leads them to think that children need lots of clothes because they’re hard on them. In theory, this might be right. However, if you stop to think about all the sacks of hand-me-downs your friends give you, the expensive sweaters their grandparents bought for birthdays and holidays and all those great deals you found at the thrift store, within a couple of years, it will all end up stuffed into drawers and closets.

Aside from reducing laundry, creating a capsule wardrobe for your little one will also help you get rid of all the hesitating over what your kid should wear that day. If your mornings are a hectic race to get out of the door on time, simplifying your daily routine this way can be a lifesaver.