Thursday , April 18 2024

The Perfect Rescue Tool – Leatherman Charge Al Multi Tool

In life, unexpected things can happen and we may often find ourselves in situations where we need to act fast (whether prepared or not). Take driving a car for example. No matter how careful of a driver you are, if there’s even one negligent driver on the road, you may not be able to avoid an accident. You may be forced off the road or your car may flip – either way you’ll have to cut your way to freedom. In such situation, having a rescue tool may mean the difference between being alive or dead.

A multi-tool is a power tool that can do a wide range of tasks as a result of the interchangeable blades and accessories. It can either be carried in a pocket or strapped onto the belt. Whether you’d like to cut timber or plastic, or carve a hole in the wall, a multi-tool will do the job.

But not all rescue tools are created equal. Take Leatherman rescue tool, the Charge Al multi-tool for example. It’s a creation meant for those who are filled with the true adventurous spirit. Its futuristic design only will make you feel invincible. But it’s the features such as all-locking blades and tools, fixed lanyard ring, leather or nylon sheat (depending on which model you ordered), outside-accessible blades for one hand opening, removable clip, that take the idea of a multi-tool to a whole different level.

Functionality wise, this awesome Leatherman rescue tool comes with scissors that slice through anything, regular pilers for cutting, bottle opener for a beer or two, eight zinc-coated steel bits and the list goes on. Simply put, this rescue tool can go from a can or bottle opener to hard-wire cutter or wood file in a matter of seconds. Amasing right?! Great durability, longevity and quality – all in one. Plus, it comes with 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. No wonder it’s among the most popular rescue tools in Australia.

The best thing is that when unfolded, all the tools lock. Compared to other model and brands, Charge Al Multi Tool is in front of all the competitors. Not to mention the ergonomic design and portability. If you are using an old Leatherman tool such the Leatherman Wave, upgrading to the Charge Al Multi Tool will certainly pay off. Therefore, for any emergency you may encounter in your adventures, know that Charge Al is your”a friend in need is a friend indeed.”