Saturday , May 18 2024

Recovery Gear: Your Ally When There Is No One Near

They say “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”or something similar along those lines. And while that’s mostly true, the journey can sometimes be a pain in the neck. Especially if your journey consists of driving off the beaten track, and you get yourself into a pickle. There’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck in the middle of nowhere, with nobody around to help you. So naturally, you have to get yourself out of a tough situation, and you can’t do it if you aren’t equipped with the right recovery gear.

Recovery Gear

In this article, I’ll talk about a few pieces of recovery gear that every off-road enthusiast should carry in their trunk. Actually, this doesn’t only apply to off-road enthusiasts, but campers as well. In any situation, being prepared is key. Here are two pieces of recovery gear that can get you out of a pickle.


The value of a quality winch is immeasurable. You’ll never be afraid of a mud hole again if you have one of these tools by your side. Winches are strong, durable and come in very handy when things get a little murky. All winches feature a series-wound motor, which is extremely efficient at high speeds and isn’t prone to overheating. Their power can range from about 3 or 4 horsepower to over 6 horsepower easily. All winches have a free wireless remote for easy operation, and a clevis hook for convenience.

Recovery Tracks

Recovery tracks offer one of the most effective ways of getting out when stuck. There are many different models that you can choose from, and you should always look to buy ones that are built for Australia’s harsh weather conditions and harsh terrain. That way, regardless of whether you’re stuck in sand, slush, mud or snow, you have a way of getting out. Recovery tracks provide a lot of traction, which allows your vehicle to easily get momentum out of a tight situation. Moreover, they typically have an inbuilt shovel that can be used to dig around your tyres. Recovery tracks are portable and have a nesting design, allowing you to put them inside one another and then into your vehicle without taking up too much space. Lastly, they have ergonomic handles allowing you to carry them around conveniently.

A Piece of Advice

The key thing to remember when being stuck is to remain calm and take a moment to evaluate your situation and make a plan. Follow the instructions on the winch or recovery tracks and use an appropriate kit for your vehicle. Having either recovery tracks or a winch (preferably both) can be of monumental help when stuck in a slippery or muddy spot.