Monday , May 20 2024

The Benefits of Aftermarket Exhaust Systems for Your LandCruiser

The 80 series LandCruiser is still one of the most popular 4×4 vehicles on the Australian market. It’s incredibly durable, powerful and comfortable, making it the ideal 4×4 vehicle for riding through the rough trails of the Australian outback. However, as is the case with most other 4×4 vehicles, there’s still plenty of room for performance improvement in the 80 series LandCruiser, particularly in the exhaust system department. Most stock exhaust systems are made with affordability in mind, meaning manufacturers are cutting costs wherever possible.

An aftermarket 80 series LandCruiser exhaust system can single-handedly improve your vehicle’s performance, mileage, sound and look. You’ll find a model, year and make specific 80 series LandCruiser exhaust system easily, due to the great popularity of the LandCruiser. There are many aftermarket exhaust manufacturers who create performance LandCruiser exhausts, so you have no shortage of options to choose from when shopping.


With that said, you’ll find aftermarket performance LandCruiser exhaust systems made of materials like stainless and aluminised steel, which are very durable and have corrosion-, impact-, and vibration-resistant properties. Aluminised and stainless steel perform well in all types of environments, making them ideal for the rough Australian environment. Aluminised steel is lightweight and can take off from your LandCruiser’s overall weight, which can improve performance by itself.

However, most of the performance gaining benefits from aftermarket performance exhaust systems come from the mandrel bending technology used to manufacture aftermarket tubes and the wider diameter of pipes that aftermarket systems have. This allows the LandCruiser’s engine to breathe more freely, meaning your engine gets cooler, clean air to burn fuel with at optimum rates, while the exhaust gasses that are a result of the combustion process leave the system faster at the same time.

Additionally, aftermarket performance exhausts have headers instead of manifolds, which are better at extracting the exhaust gasses from the engine’s cylinders. Basically, instead of all gasses being extracted by a single tube, every cylinder has an individual tube to extract the gasses with, which results in reduced backpressure. However, headers can make your engine louder, which can be seen either as a benefit or a disadvantage, depending on personal preference.

Speaking of loud engines, aftermarket exhaust systems have mufflers that don’t necessarily muffle the noise. Instead, they can make your LandCruiser sound more aggressive and give it a deep tone. But there are some aftermarket exhaust systems that still have noise-dampening mufflers. You can find out how each aftermarket exhaust kit sounds by looking at videos online.